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Macaron shells:

220 grams of icing sugar -confectionery sugar
120 grams egg whites
120 grams of almond powder
80 grams of caster sugar

Salted caramel filling:
Condensed milk in a can boil it for 2 hours in hot water
Add 6-8 tbsp of butter
4 tbsp of double cream
sea salt flakes
Mix it all together and its ready to go! If you don’t have time to make your own caramel, i would suggest to buy dulche de leche in shops -already boiled condensed milk and just add salt 🙂

Chocolate genache filling:
1 bar or 100 gr of Dark chocolate
50 gr of sugar
4 tbsp of double cream
6-8 tbsp of butter
Melt the butter with chocolate and then add sugar with double cream. Let it set in a fridge.


Step 1 : Sift the almond powder and icing sugar into the same bowl.
Step 2 : Whisk the egg whites with sugar for long time until peaks start forming and then whisk a bit longer.
Step 3 : Mix sugar and almond powder together.
Step 4 : Combine the dry ingredients with the beaten egg whites and mix with spatula slowly incorporating all of the ingredients together. Slowly going around in circles and not over or under mixing the mixture. You are looking for a smooth but not too runny consistency, when you lift your spatula, the mixture should ooze back into the bowl.
Step 5 : Place the pint glass with your piping bag and use plain nozzle. Put all the mixture into the piping bag and prepare your baking tray with non sticky baking paper.
Step 6 : Pipe small amounts of mixture onto the tray leaving space in between. You can make them plain, or add different types of decorations on the top!
Step 7 : Place them in pre heated oven at 150 degrees for 12-15 min.
Step 8 : Take them out to cool down and then with a pallet knife take them off.
Step 9 : Put the filling onto each macaron shell and combine with the other to form a macaron.

Serve and enjoy!

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