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CHOCOLATE DREAM CAKE RECIPE Do you want to order the Le Sucre Lab Chocolate Dream Cake? Or you are so curious and want to make your very own at home. Yes, you can make this decadent cake for a home business venture and earn extra income while at home. You don’t need an oven, all… Continue reading CHOCOLATE DREAM CAKE RECIPE



Kinilaw na Talaba is Oyster ceviche in english language. Its the easiest way to prepare an oyster recipe. A recipe of fresh oysters soaked in native vinegar with lots of green chili peppers, red chili pepper, ginger and red onions. Great appettizer (pulutan). You can also pair it with Fried Fish, Ensaladang Talbos ng kamote… Continue reading KINILAW NA TALABA

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Pancit Alanganin is very famous in Bocaue Bulacan, it is a sauteed pancit with a kick of milk. It is our favorite pancit bihon with a slight touch of milk which makes it in between a milky soup and a “ginisang pancit bihon”. In Filipino language, they describe it as “Alanganing sopas, alanganing pancit” from… Continue reading PANCIT ALANGANIN

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Hotdog and Mallows Hedgehog

How to make a perfect Hotdog and Mallows Hedgehog INGREDIENTS: Toothpicks Mallows (flower shapes) 1/2 Cabbage Hotdog Cocktail Size 2 Tbsp Butter INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Place hotdog in a pot of boiling water for 1-2 minutes. (half cook) *This will help avoid crumpled hotdog skin. Drain and let it cool. 2. Fry hotdogs in butter quickly… Continue reading Hotdog and Mallows Hedgehog

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Laoya ng Marikina

Laoya ng Marikina is just like Nilagang baka but the taste is slightly sweet compared to regular nilagang baka. There is some added twist like atsuete and other ingredients that makes this recipe delicious. You have to try this recipe, its a level up version of Nilagang baka we all know. There are various versions… Continue reading Laoya ng Marikina

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HOW TO MAKE SANTOL JUICE Santol season is here! What can we do with extra santol? Why not make some healthy and nutritious Santol Juice! Allow me to quote the Benefits of Santol Fruit: “Santol is also called as the cotton fruit and marami itong health benefits. Prevents Cancer – Cotton fruit is known to… Continue reading HOW TO MAKE SANTOL JUICE

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How to make Camote Tops Juice

Here are some of the reasons why Camote Tops Juice is so healthy to drink. Its all natural, fresh juice from vegetable and has lots of medicinal value to help our body. Medicinal Qualities of Camote Tops According to research, Camote tops is very helpful for people recovering from dengue fever. It is said to… Continue reading How to make Camote Tops Juice

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Pork de pickles or otherwise known sa “Waknatoy ng Marikina” is a delicious Menudo Recipe. It is a pork stewed in tomato sauce and pickles. You can imagine the flavors of tomatoes, liver, chorizo and tangy sweet flavor of pickles bursting in your mouth in one taste. That is why this Pork de Pickles recipe… Continue reading PORK DE PICKLES

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Beef with Corn and Mushroom

INGREDIENTS: 1 kilo beef sirloin, slice in strips 3 tablespoon oyster sauce 2 tablespoon margarine/butter 1 onion, chopped 4 cloves garlic, minced 1 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon sugar ½ teaspoon pepper 1 can cream of mushroom soup (or use Knorr Mushroom soup powder) 1 cup all purpose cream ½ cup water (4 ounce) 1 cup… Continue reading Beef with Corn and Mushroom

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How to make Puto Malunggay

How to Make Puto Malunggay is an easy step by step recipe for beginners who wants to make healthy Puto Malunggay for Nutrition month celebration of their kids in school. This recipe is absolutely delicious and no malunggay after taste or smell. I brought it in my son’s school for Nutrition month celebration and all… Continue reading How to make Puto Malunggay