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Loading… Frittata is an open-faced omelet with vegetables, meat or cheese mixed into the eggs unlike a regular omelet that is folded and filled with variations of the aforementioned ingredients. To make a frittata, beaten eggs are briefly cooked in a hot ovenproof skillet along with other ingredients and finished in the oven. Typically, it… Continue reading VEGETABLE FRITTATA


Shrimp and Tuna Omelette

Loading… (10 servings) Ingredients: 8 beaten eggs 1/4 kilo shrimps ( de-shelled and cleaned) 1 can tuna flakes ( drained) 1 small onion (minced) 1 tomato ( diced) salt and pepper to taste Ingredients: 1. In a pan saute onion and tomato then add shrimps and continue to saute for a minute, add the tuna… Continue reading Shrimp and Tuna Omelette

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Loading… Simple and inexpensive meatless viand. Ingredients: 4 pieces Chinese eggplant 3 eggs, beaten 4 tablespoons cooking oil Salt & pepper to taste Instructions: 1. Grill the eggplants. You can also do it on the stovetop but it gets messy. My other method which I prefer is to broil the eggplants in the oven for… Continue reading TORTANG TALONG

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Chocolate Leche Flan

Loading…   Ingredients: 8 egg yolks 1 can evap milk 1 can condensed milk 125 gm dark chocolate bits Optional: 2 tsp orange zest (for more yum) Method: 1. Preheat oven 180C. Prepare flan pan by melting 1/4 c sugar directly in the pan over medium heat to coat the bottom. When melted set aside… Continue reading Chocolate Leche Flan

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How to make Itlog na Maalat (Salted Eggs)

Loading… Homemade Salted Eggs (Itlog na Maalat or itlog na pula) You’ll never have to crave for salted eggs ever again. This recipe is described by Filipinos around the world as home away from home recipe. You can use duck eggs as they use it traditionally but any chicken eggs is okay to use. Salted… Continue reading How to make Itlog na Maalat (Salted Eggs)