Seared BBQ Tuna

Loading… Ingredients: 500g Tuna steak 75g Char Siu Sauce (recipe below)l Sauce: 25g Char Siu Sauce 30mL Chicken Stock Salt and Pepper; to taste Garnish: Tomatoes and onions Chili oil Directions 1. Marinate tuna steak in char siu sauce. Let it stand for 3 hours before using. 2. For the sauce, place char siu sauce and… Continue reading Seared BBQ Tuna

Appetizers · Fish · Kinilaw/Ceviche

Kinilaw na Tuna

Loading… (Tuna Ceviche) Ingredients: 2 cups tuna loin 2 tbsp. sliced onion 2 tsp. finely chopped ginger 2 tsp. sliced radish ¼ cup peeled cucumber & cut into cubes 1 pc. siling labuyo 1 pc. finger chili 1 tsp. rock salt ½ tsp. black pepper, ground 4 tbsp. vinegar Instructions: Slice tuna loin into cubes.… Continue reading Kinilaw na Tuna


Sinanglay na Tilapia

Loading… Ingredients: 2 pieces tilapia, cleaned and scales removed 4 pieces wide bok choy (or pechay) leaves 4 cloves garlic, chopped 1 medium onion, diced 2 pieces medium tomatoes, diced 1 thumb ginger, chopped 3 pieces long green chili 1 1/2 cups coconut milk 1/2 cup water 1 teaspoon salt Pandan Leaves   Instructions: For… Continue reading Sinanglay na Tilapia



Loading… Ingredients: 1 malaking bangus, inihaw 4 malalaking kamatis 1 sibuyas 1 pc onion leeks 2-3 pcs spring onion siling labuyo tanglad 1 luya, (thumb size) asin at paminta Instructions: Clean milkfish, debone and flake broiled bangus, into “bite size” pieces. In a pot, pour boiling water, add grilled onions, tomatoes, onions leeks, and lemon grass.… Continue reading LINAGPANG NA BANGUS



Loading… (MILKFISH STEWED IN VINEGAR) Ingredients: 1 large bangus (milkfish), scaled, cleaned and slice into pieces 1/2 head of garlic, chopped 1 thumb size ginger, sliced thinly 5 pieces finger chilis 1 piece eggplant, cut lengthwise, then cut into 2-inch pieces 1 piece bittermelon, scrape the pith, cut lengthwise, then cut into 2-inch pieces 2… Continue reading PAKSIW NA BANGUS


Paksiw na Galunggong sa Santol

Ingredients: 1 kilo Galunggong, 3-4 pcs santol 1 onion, chopped 3 cloves garlic, minced 2 thumbsized ginger, sliced and crushed 3 siling haba (finger chilis) 1 chili peppers (lubuyo) 2 tbsp vinegar 1 cup water salt and pepper, to taste banana leaves for wrapping* *banana wrappers adds an additional hint of flavor to paksiw (optional)… Continue reading Paksiw na Galunggong sa Santol


Pinangat na Salay Salay

Good for 4 servings. Ingredients: 3 cups rice wash* 150-180 grams tamarind fruit (sampalok) 1 large plump tomato, quartered 1 medium red onion, quartered 1/2 kilo of smooth-tailed trevally (salay-salay) 2 pcs finger chilis 2 tsps iodized coarse salt *water used in rinsing rice before cooking (3rd wash) or most commonly known in local language… Continue reading Pinangat na Salay Salay