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Pancit Luglog

Loading… Pancit LuglogRate this Recipe Pancit Luglog uses thick rice noodles, while all know that Pancit Palabok uses thin rice noodles. But do you know the difference between Pancit Malabon and Pancit Luglog? These noodle dishes have thick rice noodles and have the same shrimp sauce topped with a variety of savory ingredients. So what’s… Continue reading Pancit Luglog

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Pastillas Flower Recipe

Loading… Pastillas Flower RecipeRate this Recipe Here’s a recipe of How to make Pastillas Flower or Rose Pastillas. This is the recipe used in Baking Seminars for Pastillas Fondant Cake. You don’t need to spend a lot for seminars because you can easily learn it even just at home. Moreover, you can earn an extra… Continue reading Pastillas Flower Recipe

Filipino Native Food · Filipino Recipe · Merienda · Pancit

Pancit Marilao Recipe

Loading… Pancit Marilao Recipe5 (100%) 1 vote The Origin of Pancit Marilao, Bulacan A Story by Noel Santos:“She met this girl almost seven years ago, a fourth generation and descendant of Japanese diaspora, of whom their relatives were from Malabon and Marilao. And the story was this, sometime in March in 1899, people, men, women… Continue reading Pancit Marilao Recipe

Homemade Ingredients


Loading… HOMEMADE CREAM CHEESE5 (100%) 1 vote This Homemade Cream Cheese are just perfect and so easy to make with just 2 ingredients needed! Where can I buy a cream cheese in the Philippines? Cream cheese are available at all major supermarket in Metro Manila and major cities. You may also purchase it in online… Continue reading HOMEMADE CREAM CHEESE

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Nilasing na Hipon

Loading… Nilasing na Hipon4.5 (90%) 8 votes Nilasing na Hipon is a famous fried shrimp recipe in the Philippines. Sometimes called crispy fried drunken shrimp. The shrimps (without trimming the head and tails) are marinated in liquor and rolled into breading mixture and deep fried until it becomes so crispy. It is also a favorite… Continue reading Nilasing na Hipon


Star Bread (Putok)

Loading… Star Bread (Putok)5 (100%) 1 vote This Star Bread Recipe also known as Putok bread is a favorite afternoon snack in the Philippines. The bread was called as such because of the trademark crack on top, which looks like it has exploded. Others will also call it Pinagong because of the slash in the… Continue reading Star Bread (Putok)

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Chicken Feet Soup

Loading… Chicken Feet Soup5 (100%) 1 vote This Chicken Feet soup or Chicken Foot Filipino Soup is the best soup you’ll ever taste. This is not just your ordinary soup, because chicken feet consists of tendons, skin and cartilage that is rich in gelatinous collagen. According to studies collagens helps to make you look younger… Continue reading Chicken Feet Soup

Ice Cream


Loading… HOMEMADE ICE CREAM 4 IN 1 RECIPE5 (100%) 1 vote One of my most favorite homemade ice cream in town! You’ve got to try this recipe soon. Its a 4 in 1 Recipe of Ice Cream you can make for home business. Sell it in rectangular plastic tubs or small cups and start earning… Continue reading HOMEMADE ICE CREAM 4 IN 1 RECIPE

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Crispy Fried Chicken Feet

Loading… Crispy Fried Chicken Feet5 (100%) 1 vote These Crispy Fried Chicken Feet (Adidas or Paa ng Manok) are so delicious specially as an appetizer with matching spiced vinegar dippings. Did you know that one of the benefits of eating Chicken Feet or Chicken Paws is to help you have clear complexion. According to the… Continue reading Crispy Fried Chicken Feet

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Sweet Chili Crabs Recipe

Sweet Chili Crabs Recipe5 (100%) 1 vote These Sweet Chili Crabs looks so yummy and definitely taste so good. Super spicy hot crabs with a touch of sweetness. Finger lickin good seafood at its best. You’re going to crave for it for so many days, and finaly one day you’ll be able to cook it.… Continue reading Sweet Chili Crabs Recipe