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Soufflé Pancakes (3x fluffy Recipe)

Post Views: 3,733 It’s yummy and 3x fluffy than your normal pancakes. An instant hit pancakes in Japan and also became a favorite in most neighboring Asian countries like Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia. Happy cooking! Soufflé Pancakes (3x fluffy Recipe) INGREDIENTS: 5 medium Egg yolks ⅓ cup White Sugar (40g) Pinch of Salt ½ cup… Continue reading Soufflé Pancakes (3x fluffy Recipe)

Healthy Drinks · Refreshments, Juices, Smoothies

How to make a Cucumber Water

Post Views: 2,527 CAN I DRINK CUCUMBER WATER EVERYDAY? Cucumber water is really a HYDRATING drink. It is easy to make, and the family can enjoy it at any time. It has numerous health benefits: Weight loss Lowering blood pressure Helping bone health Improving skin health Cucumber Water Recipe INGREDIENTS: 2 Fresh Cucumber (+ more)… Continue reading How to make a Cucumber Water

Appetizers · Asian Food · Food Business · Homemade Ingredients · International Recipe

Indonesian Floss Recipe (Serundèng)

Post Views: 1,610 How to make a floss? The rule of thumb is to grate it in thin threads, fry it to make it very crispy, drain oil and remove the moist thoroughly. You can use a microfiber towel or process it in modern way by using oven, or air fryer. An air fryer is… Continue reading Indonesian Floss Recipe (Serundèng)

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Lumpiang Manok Recipe (Chicken Spring Rolls)

Post Views: 1,416 If you don’t eat pork, or trying to avoid pork for some reason. Fret not, you can still enjoy Lumpia using Chicken! You gotta try this very simple version of Chicken Lumpia. For dipping sauce recipes and ideas, check it here. Lumpiang Manok Recipe (Chicken Spring Rolls) INGREDIENTS: 1 ¼ cup (175g)… Continue reading Lumpiang Manok Recipe (Chicken Spring Rolls)

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Cherry Vanilla Bourbon BBQ Ribs Recipe

Post Views: 790 These Barbeque ribs are so tasty and finger ‘lickin good. This recipe is perfect for the Holiday season and any special occasion… or anytime you crave for a sweet delicious barbecue sauce. Cherry is one of the best trio for bourbon and vanilla with a touch of salt to taste. Perfect! However… Continue reading Cherry Vanilla Bourbon BBQ Ribs Recipe

International Recipe · Side Dish

Au Gratin Potatoes Recipe

Post Views: 1,021 Au Gratin Potatoes a.k.a Gratin Dauphiniose is an origin of traditional French dish, which is made of potatoes, garlic and cream since 1788. Aside from garlic, you may substitute or add other ingredients to level up the taste like adding some pimiento or even adding some chopped Bacon bits. Remember, you dont… Continue reading Au Gratin Potatoes Recipe

Appetizers · Lutong Bahay (Daily Menu)

Oyster Tofu Recipe 

Post Views: 2,582 Quick and easy side dish meal.. came out so yummy for my quick dinner. You can use soft tofu or firm tofu. Servings for 1-2 person. Oyster Tofu Recipe INGREDIENTS: 1 block fresh soft tofu (you may also use firm tofu or the regular tofu), cubed 2 tablespoon oyster sauce (Mama Sitas)… Continue reading Oyster Tofu Recipe 

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Strawberry Tiramisu Recipe

Post Views: 1,131 If you like the Coffee base Tiramisu..wait there’s more! You gotta try the Strawberry Tiramisu, it’s a refrigerator cake, and definitely no baking needed and yes it doesn’t have coffee. Happy cooking! Strawberry Tiramisu Recipe INGREDIENTS: 1 kilo fresh ripe strawberries ¼ cup granulated sugar 8 oz cream cheese, diced (room temperature)… Continue reading Strawberry Tiramisu Recipe

Dips, Sauces, Dressings · Sauces

Garlic Aioli Sauce Recipe

Post Views: 2,895 A simple delicious all around Aioli Sauce for garden salad, French Fries, crab cakes, fish tacos, chicken, seafood, fish fillet, Mojos, Chicken Cordon bleu..or even for your cheese burger. Its creamy yummy and its a perfect add on to any plain crispy fried food you have on the table. Enjoy! Garlic Aioli… Continue reading Garlic Aioli Sauce Recipe

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Vietnamese Egg Coffee Recipe

Post Views: 1,569 If you have never imagined drinking a coffee with egg, well you need to go to Vietnam.. Or might as well try it at the leisure of your own home. This Vietnamese Egg Coffee, tastes like tiramisu, the fat and fragrant egg-scented layer and the light bitter coffee blended so nicely. When… Continue reading Vietnamese Egg Coffee Recipe

Appetizers · International Recipe · Shrimps · Spanish Dish

Gambas al Ajillo Recipe

Post Views: 3,989 These appetizer are definitely a must have for any booze. These Gambas are very tasty and savory and a favorite in Spain for Tapas (hors d’oeuvres) with aperitif. So yummy! Gambas al Ajillo Recipe INGREDIENTS: 700g large shrimp Salt ½ cup olive oil 3 or 4 cloves garlic, thinly sliced lengthwise  Hot… Continue reading Gambas al Ajillo Recipe

Cake, Bread and Pastries

Petit Fours (Butter Cake in White Chocolate)

Post Views: 789 Petit Four is a french word which means “small oven”. What is Petit Four? Formerly, it is known as a practice for cooking small pastries using low oven temperature. Nowadays,they are known as small cakes, biscuits, or desserts. These Petit Four are beautifully adorned to entice the guest after a dinner/ meal… Continue reading Petit Fours (Butter Cake in White Chocolate)

Chinese Food · Vegetables

Easy Lake Tung Ting Shrimp

Post Views: 4,714 Do you remember Lake Tung Ting? Have you ever been to Chinese restaurants and wondered about the name of this recipe? This Lake Tung Ting Chinese Food should be very familiar to you, it has heavenly white shrimp, broccoli, snow peas, carrots and sometimes baby corn swimming in white translucent sauce. It… Continue reading Easy Lake Tung Ting Shrimp

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Danish Rum Balls Recipe

Post Views: 1,070 An old Christmas delightful bite-size treat everybody loves to munch. Quick and easy dessert that your kids can help to make. Danish Rum Balls Recipe INGREDIENTS: 2 1⁄2 cups vanilla wafers, crushed (250g Lil Dutch vanilla wafers) 2 tablespoons cocoa 1 1⁄4 cups icing sugar 1⁄2 cup spiced rum 2 tablespoons white corn… Continue reading Danish Rum Balls Recipe

Health · Mama's Recipes · Nutrition Month · Refreshments, Juices, Smoothies

Papaya Milk and Tapioca Recipe

Post Views: 1,187 Did you know that eating Papaya Milk may help you increase breast size according to PharmEasy Vlog reviewed by “PharmEasy Doctor Panel”. Your breasts are completely made of fat. So, Ingestion of whole milk products that are rich in fat can increase breast size. Papaya mixed with milk increases breast size. But,… Continue reading Papaya Milk and Tapioca Recipe

Appetizers · International Recipe · Sandwich

Fish and Mango Tacos Recipe

Post Views: 1,592 Are you in the mood for Mexican Tacos? Try this low carb diet recipe today. Quick and easy recipe for Filipino kitchen. Happy cooking! Fish and Mango Tacos Recipe INGREDIENTS: For Mango Salsa: 2 large ripe mangos, peeled, pitted and diced ¼ cup minced red bell pepper 1 tablespoon lime juice (lemon… Continue reading Fish and Mango Tacos Recipe

American Dish · International Recipe · Pasta & Pancit

Baked Ziti Recipe (Sbarro Style)

Post Views: 3,584 Close to perfect! Baked Ziti Copycat of Sbarro. Easy and yummier! Homemade is simply the best. Happy cooking! Servings: 2 Baked Ziti Recipe (Sbarro Style) INGREDIENTS: 200g ziti pasta  1 ½ cups spaghetti sauce (about 350g) 1 cup reduced-fat sour cream (alternatively greek yogurt or any plain yogurt) 1 cup vegetable broth 1… Continue reading Baked Ziti Recipe (Sbarro Style)

International Recipe · Japanese Food · Soups

Easy Kake Udon Recipe

Post Views: 2,395 Kake Udon is the primary form of hot udon noodle soup. It is made of udon noodles floating in a flavorful dashi based broth. This is cheaper compared to restaurant-made udon and you can prepare it anytime you want, especially in this cold weather. Kake Udon is very basic, just garnish the… Continue reading Easy Kake Udon Recipe

International Recipe · Sandwich

Breakfast Quesadillas Recipe

Post Views: 2,713 These Breakfast Quesadillas are very quick and easy to make. It’s filled with scrambled eggs, red bell peppers and lots of cheese. Breakfast Quesadillas Recipe INGREDIENTS: 6 eggs 1 cup Cheese, shredded (cheddar and mozzarella or any) ¼ cup fresh milk, (or any kind) Salt and pepper, to taste ½ bell pepper,… Continue reading Breakfast Quesadillas Recipe

International Recipe · Korean Food · Soups

Korean Tomato and Egg Spicy Noodles Recipe

Post Views: 1,620 If you have a package of any Instant Korean Spicy noodles or preferably Shin Ramyun here’s how you can reinvent these noodles into another interesting recipe. So yummy! Korean Tomato and Egg Spicy Noodles Recipe INGREDIENTS: 1 Korean Instant Noodles, (Preferably Shin Ramyun) 550 ml Water (about 2 ½ cups) 2 large… Continue reading Korean Tomato and Egg Spicy Noodles Recipe

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Avocado with Coconut Cream Recipe

Post Views: 1,799 Avocado Season is here! Lets make some healthy dessert using Coconut Cream! So yummy and good..try it today! Avocado with Coconut Cream INGREDIENTS: 4 medium size fresh avocado, ripe 400g Avocado Cream ¼ to ½ can Condensed Milk (300ml/can) INSTRUCTIONS: Chill all the ingredients in the fridge. Sliced the avocado in diamond… Continue reading Avocado with Coconut Cream Recipe

Biscuits · Cake, Bread and Pastries · Desserts

Pineapple Biscuits Recipe

Post Views: 4,560 These cute little balls are Pineapple Biscuits. It is the sister version of Pineapple Tarts. The Pineapple jam balls are enclosed in a crusty biscuits shaped like yellow golf balls just like the color of pineapples. Yummy and great to store in small canister for gifts, afternoon tea, snacks or even for… Continue reading Pineapple Biscuits Recipe

International Recipe · Japanese Food · Seafood · Soups

Miso Soup with Crabs (Kani Miso Shiru)

Post Views: 3,151 Cooking Notes, Tips and Substitution for Making Japanese Miso Soup: Optional Toppings: Choose from cubed soft silken tofu, Dried Wakame seaweed, mussels, potato, taro, Daikon/Radish, Shiitake mushrooms, carrots, and Red Chili Pepper for a spicy kick. Seafood Substitution: Instead of crabs, you may also use crab sticks (sliced it finely), or Salmon,… Continue reading Miso Soup with Crabs (Kani Miso Shiru)

Asian Food · International Recipe · Soups

Sweet Sour Fish Soup (Vietnamese Canh Chua)

Post Views: 1,604 This recipe is a traditional Vietnamese Recipe. Another must try recipe. This soup is not just sour but with a very balanced sweet and sour soup with a variety of vegetables. Sweet Sour Fish Soup (Vietnamese Canh Chua) INGREDIENTS: 500g catfish steak (or other firm fish; salmon, mullet, red snapper) 1 pinch… Continue reading Sweet Sour Fish Soup (Vietnamese Canh Chua)

International Recipe · Lutong Bahay (Daily Menu) · Vegetables

Easy Potato Latkes Recipe

Post Views: 1,945 Easy Potato Latkes (Potato Fritters) A Latke is a Jewish cuisine usually made of  potatoes and cooked just like fritters/pancakes. It is a Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine that is traditionally prepared to celebrate Hanukkah. Latkes can be made of  other ingredients too, like cheese, onion and zucchini. EASY POTATO LATKES RECIPE INGREDIENTS: 4… Continue reading Easy Potato Latkes Recipe

International Recipe · Japanese Food · Lutong Bahay (Daily Menu) · Seafood · Shrimps

Ebi Fry Recipe (Fried Shrimp)

Post Views: 5,920 Have you tried cooking Japanese Ebi Fry yet? What’s the difference between Tempura and Ebi Furai? They have different coating textures. Ebi Fry is dusted with flour, dipped into beaten egg mixture and coated in breadcrumbs. It is deep fried until it becomes crispy and golden brown. Tempura is dipped in chilled… Continue reading Ebi Fry Recipe (Fried Shrimp)

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Mooncake Recipe (with Salted Egg Yolk Custard Filling)

Post Views: 8,296 These Mooncakes are so delicious with Salted Egg Yolk Custard filling. Instead of buying the ready made mooncakes, why not try and bake your own. They are much tastier and easier to make. Here’s a tip, when you buy the mooncake molds, buy the 50g ones. You can purchase it in Lazada,… Continue reading Mooncake Recipe (with Salted Egg Yolk Custard Filling)

BBQ · Grilled · Lutong Bahay (Daily Menu) · Seafood

Binusog na Pusit (Inihaw)

Post Views: 12,407 Binusog Na Pusit (Inihaw) INGREDIENTS: 6 pcs medium-size squid, cleaned and ink sac removed 2 tablespoon soy sauce 2 tablespoon chili/hot sauce (or ketchup if you prefer not spicy) 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce ½ teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon sugar FOR FILLINGS: 4 pieces tomatoes, minced 2 pieces onions, minced ½ cup wansoy… Continue reading Binusog na Pusit (Inihaw)

Dips, Sauces, Dressings · Food Business · Food Negosyo Ideas · Sauces

Chili Garlic Sauce Recipe

Post Views: 33,508 This Chili Garlic Sauce (Filipino Style) is the perfect blend you are looking for. Spicy but not too much. If you want it extremely spicy, just double or triple the cup of red chili peppers. The first recipe is for personal consumption and the 2nd recipe is for Business Recipe. The Business… Continue reading Chili Garlic Sauce Recipe

Lutong Bahay (Daily Menu) · Seafood · Vegetables

Stir-Fry Squid Recipe

Post Views: 14,313 Stir-Fry Squid in oyster sauce with vegetables and tokwa (tofu). Wow another pusit recipe you can keep. Quick and easy Filipino menu (lutong bahay). Stir-Fry Squid Recipe INGREDIENTS: 1 kilogram squid, clean and remove inks, (sliced in rings) 2 tablespoon cooking oil 1 head garlic, minced 1 thumb size ginger, peeled and… Continue reading Stir-Fry Squid Recipe

Beef Recipes · Chicken Recipes · Filipino Recipe

Satti Recipe

Post Views: 17,570 Satti Recipe is a Tausug delicacy of grilled beef/chicken and cubed rice from ‘puso’ soaked in overflowing Satti sauce. It is a Halal-certified food and resembles a spicy curry dish. SATTI RECIPE (Beef/Chicken) INGREDIENTS: FOR SATTI: ½ kilo Beef or Chicken (meat for bbq) ½ cup coconut milk (brush meat upon grilling)… Continue reading Satti Recipe

Salad Recipes · Salads

Waldorf Salad ala Wendys

Post Views: 50,095 This Waldorf Salad is amazingly delicious!! Though I didn’t find any walnut.. still went yummy with Almonds. In fact, you can use any roasted nuts you like, preferably with flavor of barbeque or garlic will do. The flavor really complimented the flavor of the salad. I can eat this whole bowl of… Continue reading Waldorf Salad ala Wendys

Appetizers · Ensalada · Filipino Recipe · Salads · Side Dish

Lolo’s Pipino Salad

Post Views: 43,667 Quick and easy vegetable salad you can add as a side dish to any of your main menu. This is the go to recipe of my dad a. k. a. lolo to any of his simple pritong isda combo. Happy cooking and enjoy! Lolo’s Pipino Salad INGREDIENTS: 1 large pipino (cucumber) ½… Continue reading Lolo’s Pipino Salad

Asian Food · Chicken Recipes · International Recipe

Hainanese Chicken Rice Recipe

Post Views: 30,117 Do you want to try the famous Singaporean Sensational Chicken Rice? Don’t worry, because you don’t need to travel to Singapore to try it. You can easily cook it at home.  You may also cook this using your favorite chicken parts instead of cooking a whole chicken for easier process. Happy cooking… Continue reading Hainanese Chicken Rice Recipe

Cake, Bread and Pastries · Desserts · Pies

Fruit Tart Recipe

Post Views: 32,057 Try this super yummy fruit tart you can make for your loved one’s this Valentines Day! Easy to make, sweet and so colorful! FRUIT TART RECIPE INGREDIENTS: For the tart: 1 cup butter (250g) 2 ⅝ cups All purpose flour (325g) 1 cup icing sugar (125g) 1 egg few drops vanilla essence… Continue reading Fruit Tart Recipe

Chinese Food · Filipino Recipe · Vegetables

Cabbage Meatballs Recipe (Vegetarian Manchurian Balls)

Post Views: 21,542 This Cabbage Meatballs or vegetarian Manchurian meatballs is an Indian-Chinese fusion dish. Vegetable balls fried and tossed in a wok with Manchurian sauce/gravy. Yes, this is vegan food. You got to try this meatless balls. Happy cooking! Cabbage Meatballs (Vegetarian Manchurian Balls) INGREDIENTS: For Manchurian balls: 1 cup cabbage finely chopped ½… Continue reading Cabbage Meatballs Recipe (Vegetarian Manchurian Balls)

Asian Food · Budget Meal · Chinese Food · Filipino Recipe · International Recipe · Lutong Bahay (Daily Menu) · Vegetables

Eggplant in Garlic Sauce

Post Views: 241,336 Eggplant in Garlic Sauce is one of my most fave Chinese vegetarian dish!  Its a quick and easy side dish to accompany any of your fave main dish like fried fish or any seafood. It is slightly oily, tender glossy eggplants sautéed with garlic and soy sauce and that hint of sweet,… Continue reading Eggplant in Garlic Sauce

BBQ · Grilled · Pork Recipes

Honey Garlic Pork Chops

Post Views: 272,193 Our Honey Garlic Pork Chops recipe is so delicious and easy to make. Whether you want to pan cook it or just grill them, we have prepared both cooking instructions for you to follow. I used a loin chop pork for this recipe. Some of you might ask what is loin chop… Continue reading Honey Garlic Pork Chops

Filipino Native Food · Kakanin


Post Views: 141,612     Suman sa Lihiya or Rice cake with lye water is an all time favorite snack of any Filipino. The lye water gives the rice a sticky elastic texture when cooked. It is wrapped in wilted banana leaves which gives it an aromatic flavor when cooked in boiling water. Suman sa… Continue reading SUMAN SA LIHIYA

Filipino Native Food · Merienda · Street food

Camote Fries Recipe (Sweet Potato)

Post Views: 38,345 Do you want a healthy snack, say no to fast food junk food. If you love fries this is a healthy alternative and delicious too! Crispy Camote or Kamote fries in the house. Serve it with a sprinkle of paprika, or barbeque powder, or just salt and pepper. Then serve it with… Continue reading Camote Fries Recipe (Sweet Potato)

Filipino Native Food · Filipino Recipe · Food Business · Merienda · Pancit · Pasta & Pancit

Classic Pancit Palabok Recipe

Post Views: 110,792 An all time Filipino favorite merienda recipe, Classic Pancit Palabok. Simple, easy and saucy Palabok recipe. Back in my college days, sa canteen best partner nito ay puto and coke. Super yummy.. Classic Pancit Palabok Recipe INGREDIENTS: 1 pack (1 lb) rice noodles (bihon) For Sauce: 2 tbsp cooking oil 1/2 lb… Continue reading Classic Pancit Palabok Recipe

Brownies · Cake, Bread and Pastries · Desserts · Lutong Bahay (Daily Menu)

Brownies ala Mode Recipe

Post Views: 8,865 Level up your brownies with this luscious dessert. Yes, you can turn your plain brownies into a decadent dessert floating in thick melted chocolate and ice cream. Preferably, use a cast iron pan or any square pan for the brownies. Serve it with melted chocolate and a scoop of vanilla ice cream… Continue reading Brownies ala Mode Recipe

Holiday Recipes · Lutong Bahay (Daily Menu) · Seafood · Shrimps

Sizzling Gambas Recipe (Filipino Style)

Post Views: 34,254 Here’s an authentic sizzling gambas recipe. Cooked with fresh tomatoes. In fact, the fresh tomatoes gave so much justice to this gambas recipe, so juicy and healthy for the family! This Sizzling Gambas recipe is the ultimate recipe. The sauce is thick, spicy and tasty. This recipe is just like Gerry’s Grill… Continue reading Sizzling Gambas Recipe (Filipino Style)

American Dish · Appetizers · International Recipe · Street food

Corn Nuggets Recipe

Post Views: 16,585   Are you needing some appetizer recipe that will motivate your kids. Go get this recipe and start cooking these unique and delicious corn nuggets! Super yummy and don’t forget to add cheese and melted butter on it upon serving. Remember Corn + butter + cheese are best of friends. Happy cooking!… Continue reading Corn Nuggets Recipe

Cake, Bread and Pastries · Japanese Food

Castella Cake Recipe (Japanese Kasutera)

Post Views: 16,662 This Japanese sponge cake is very simple, delicious and not too sweet. It is called Japanese Kasutera or also known as Castella Cake (or Kastella). An old Portuguese recipe dating back to the 16th century with a touch of Japanese flavor.  This Japanese Cake is very simple in ingredients and is baked… Continue reading Castella Cake Recipe (Japanese Kasutera)

Chinese Food · International Recipe · Lutong Bahay (Daily Menu) · Seafood

Steamed Lapu-lapu in Oyster Sauce Recipe

Post Views: 126,230 Yummy-licious Chinese style steamed Lapu-lapu or grouper fish in oyster sauce, taste so divine. Ideal for special occasions and easy to prepare. The touch of sesame oil makes it absolutely aromatic for your palate. Steamed Lapu-lapu in Oyster Sauce INGREDIENTS: 1 large Lapu-lapu, cleaned and scaled (Grouper Fish) Thin slices of ginger… Continue reading Steamed Lapu-lapu in Oyster Sauce Recipe

Appetizers · Filipino Recipe · Lumpia/Spring Rolls · Lutong Bahay (Daily Menu)

How to make Lumpiang Shanghai (Secret to a long lasting Crispy Lumpia)

Post Views: 241,047 This is How to make an authentic crispy lumpiang shanghai Filipino Style recipe. Not soggy but crispy for a longer time, also good for caterers and restaurant owners. (Last update August 4, 2022) Lumpiang Shanghai Cooking Tips: Make sure to drain each lumpia from oil to avoid being soggy, let it cool… Continue reading How to make Lumpiang Shanghai (Secret to a long lasting Crispy Lumpia)

Chicken Recipes

Pan Roasted Chicken with Oranges and Rosemary

Post Views: 14,984 Pan Roasted Chicken with Oranges and Rosemary Recipe INGREDIENTS: 5 tablespoons olive oil 6 tablespoons rosemary leaves 1 tablespoon kosher salt 2 teaspoon red pepper flakes 3/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 4 pounds chicken, thighs & drumsticks ( 6 thighs & 6 drumsticks) 1/2 medium orange, cut into 6 very thin… Continue reading Pan Roasted Chicken with Oranges and Rosemary

Chocolate · Desserts

Godiva Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Post Views: 16,841 Indulge in rich, airy, creamy and heavenly chocolate. GODIVA CHOCOLATE MOUSSE INGREDIENTS: 1 ⅓ cups heavy cream 2 tablespoons sugar Pinch of salt 4 bars (1.5 ounces) Godiva dark chocolate, coarsely chopped 3 tablespoon vegetable oil 1 tablespoon vanilla extract Garnish: whipped cream grated chocolate fresh strawberries, toppings INSTRUCTIONS: Place 1/3 cup… Continue reading Godiva Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Beef Recipes · Lutong Bahay (Daily Menu) · Pork Recipes

Sweet and Sour Bola-bola Recipe

Post Views: 76,617 These Sweet and Sour Meatballs recipe or bola bola is just the best. Here’s a secret style for making your bola bola recipe one level higher from the other meatballs recipe out there. If you have some extra Longganisa or sausage you can mash the meat and combine it to your meatballs.… Continue reading Sweet and Sour Bola-bola Recipe

Eggs · Lutong Bahay (Daily Menu) · Seafood · Shrimps

Shrimp and Tuna Omelet Recipe

Post Views: 11,229 Simple and easy seafood omelet you can make. Tuna and Shrimp egg omelet is definitely a must try.. Happy cooking!  Shrimp and Tuna Omelet Recipe (10 servings) INGREDIENTS: 8 beaten eggs 1/4 kilo shrimps ( de-shelled and cleaned) 1 can tuna flakes ( drained) 1 small onion (minced) 1 tomato ( diced)… Continue reading Shrimp and Tuna Omelet Recipe

Beef Recipes

Spicy Ginataang Kalabaw with Papaya

Post Views: 10,288 Spicy Ginataang Kalabaw with Papaya INGREDIENTS: 1 kilo carabeef, sliced in serving size 6 cloves garlic, crushed 3 small onions or 1 large onion, chopped, 1 tsp peppercorn, cracked , 1 tsp salt or to taste, 3 tbsp white vinegar, 2 tsp white sugar or to taste, and 6 pcs green chilies,… Continue reading Spicy Ginataang Kalabaw with Papaya

Filipino Recipe · Pancit · Pasta & Pancit

Pancit Sotanghon Guisado with Scrambled Egg

Post Views: 72,825 Try cooking it today, Pancit Sotanghon Guisado with Scrambled Egg. Super sarap at easy lang lutuin and top it with scrambled eggs para mas winner sa mga chikiting. Masarap siya with scrambled eggs. Happy cooking! Preparation Time: 30 minutesCooking Time: 1 hourYield: 4-6 servings Pancit Sotanghon Guisado with Scrambled Egg INGREDIENTS: 120… Continue reading Pancit Sotanghon Guisado with Scrambled Egg

Beef Recipes · Lutong Bahay (Daily Menu)

Papaitan Baka Recipe

Post Views: 24,110   Eto yung papaitan baka na mas bitter pa sa ex boyfriend mo. Hahaha. Best Ilocano Papaitan Baka recipe at best pulutan recipe. Try it today, happy cooking!  Papaitan Baka Recipe INGREDIENTS: 3/4 kilo beef internal organs (Tripe, Liver, Kidney, Pancreas or Intestine) 1/4 kilo beef tenderloin (cut into strips) 1/4 cup… Continue reading Papaitan Baka Recipe

Filipino Recipe · Holiday Recipes · Lutong Bahay (Daily Menu)

Kaldereta sa Gata with Peanut Butter

Post Views: 243,050 Kaldereta sa Gata with Peanut butter is a beef stewed in coconut milk, tomato sauce and a hint of peanut butter. Bursting in flavor in rich coconut milk with a very tender beef. This is an ultimate beef stew you’ll ever taste. You gotta try this Kaldereta sa Gata with Peanut Butter.… Continue reading Kaldereta sa Gata with Peanut Butter

Beef Recipes · Food Business · Food Negosyo Ideas · Rice

Shawarma Rice Recipe

Post Views: 75,718 Pinoy food trip favorite Shawarma Rice. Ang sarap ulit ulitin! Make it at home for some guilty pleasures or why not venture into a small food business? Swak na swak sa food trip negosyo. Happy Cooking! SHAWARMA RICE RECIPE INGREDIENTS: For Beef Tapa: 500g beef sirloin, tapa cut 1/4 cup soy sauce… Continue reading Shawarma Rice Recipe

Holiday Recipes · Lutong Bahay (Daily Menu) · Seafood

Seafood Kare-Kare Recipe

Post Views: 41,979 If you love seafoods, you just ‘gotta try this Seafood Kare-Kare too.. Definitely a must try recipe. Another unique version of Best Kare Kare recipe.  How to cook Seafood Kare-Kare INGREDIENTS: 200 grams mussels 200 grams clams 200 grams squid, cut into rings 250 grams shrimps, trimmed 250 grams fish fillet (cream… Continue reading Seafood Kare-Kare Recipe

Asian Food · Chinese Food · Pork Recipes

Braised Pork Belly (Hangzhou Style)

Post Views: 31,936 This Braised Pork Belly is Hangzhou’s iconic dish, a melt in your mouth, pork belly dish gloriously sitting in red brown sauce. This dish is also known as braised Dong Po, a recipe created by Su Dong Po. A famous scholar, writer, poet, calligrapher, and court official of the Song Dynasty. It… Continue reading Braised Pork Belly (Hangzhou Style)

Pancit · Pasta & Pancit

Pancit Bam-I Recipe

Post Views: 12,554 PANCIT BAM-I  Bam-I or some call it Bam-E is a Visayan recipe of Pancit. But why is it called Bam-I? The stories say that Bam-i was derived from the Indonesian word “Bami” which means “noodles.” What makes this Pancit Bisaya unique is the combination of 2 types of noodles. While most pancit… Continue reading Pancit Bam-I Recipe

Chicken Recipes · Filipino Recipe · Lutong Bahay (Daily Menu)

Chicken Caldereta Recipe

Post Views: 24,063 Try this Special Chicken Caldereta recipe for a change. The usual beef recipe can also be cooked in chicken variant. And it taste even better without taking too much of your time. Happy cooking! Chicken Caldereta Recipe INGREDIENTS: 8 to 12 pieces of chicken legs 2 pieces of chorizo sausage, sliced 1/4… Continue reading Chicken Caldereta Recipe

American Dish · Fish · International Recipe

Fish Fillet With Honey Lemon Butter Sauce

Post Views: 46,534 The Honey Lemon Butter Sauce is just the perfect sauce to match any of your baked fish fillet like salmon, cream dory, white fish or cod.  Fish Fillet With Honey Lemon Butter Sauce INGREDIENTS: 2 ½ tbsp honey 3 ½ tbsp butter, softened 3 ⅓ tbsp lemon juice 1 tbsp lemon zest, (or… Continue reading Fish Fillet With Honey Lemon Butter Sauce

Chicken Recipes

Chicken Sambal Recipe

Post Views: 14,766 “Chicken Sambal originated in Indonesia and is also a native food cooked by Malaysians, Singaporeans, and Sri lankans. “Sambal is a hot sauce typically made from a mixture of variety of chili peppers with secondary ingredients such as shrimp paste, fish sauce, garlic, ginger, shallot, scallion, palm sugar, lime juice, and rice… Continue reading Chicken Sambal Recipe

Filipino Native Food · Kakanin · Puto Recipe · Puto Recipes

Puto Calasiao Recipe

Post Views: 70,278 Calasiao is a Municipality in Pangasinan where these puto or small rice cakes originated. Puto Calasiao is a mini-size, soft rice cake made from semi-glutinous rice and fermented in clay pots before cooking. The famous makers are mainly at Barangay Dinalaoan. This colorful puto is made of long grain rice soaked in… Continue reading Puto Calasiao Recipe

Filipino Native Food · Kakanin

Maja Blanca Mais

Post Views: 86,243 You gotta try this mini version of maja mais. Yummy and creamy delicious. This recipe is just for 6″ round of tray.  Good for 4 servings. Enjoy and happy cooking! Maja Blanca Mais (Maja Mais) INGREDIENTS: 2 cans coconut milk 3/4 cup cornstarch 1 can condensed milk 3/4 cup fresh milk 3/4… Continue reading Maja Blanca Mais

Appetizers · Chicken Recipes · Filipino Recipe · Food Business · Food Negosyo Ideas · Lutong Bahay (Daily Menu) · Side Dish · Street food

Chicharon Balat ng Manok

Post Views: 32,621 These are crunchy, delicious deep fried chicken skin. A dangerous food to eat for people with “high blood” or other health problems because of its high fat and cholesterol content. Bakit nga ba masarap ang bawal, that’s the question we usually ask ourselves when we are tempted to eat food that we… Continue reading Chicharon Balat ng Manok

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Espasol Recipe

Post Views: 63,199 Espasol is a cylinder-shaped delicacy made from rice flour, cooked in coconut milk and rolled in toasted rice flour. A favorite pasalubong for both kids and to the young at heart. It looks easy to cook..but be forwarned because it may take 30 minutes or so to mix while cooking the flour.… Continue reading Espasol Recipe

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Chef’s Beef Salpicao

Post Views: 35,448   Gotta try this comfort food that’s quick to prepare. Gather your ingredients because we will share how you can get a melt-in-your-mouth beef salpicao. Happy cooking! Serve this at your next house party or even for a special family gathering. Chef’s Beef Salpicao INGREDIENTS: 1/2 kilogram beef tenderloin, cubed 3 tablespoons… Continue reading Chef’s Beef Salpicao

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Shrimp Pomelo Salad Recipe

Post Views: 17,182 This Shrimp pomelo salad is so so yummy. You can eat the whole bowl of salad and you won’t feel guilty after! Serve it on a special weekend with the family. You’ll be glad you made a bowl of scrumptious shrimp pomelo salad.. A Vietnam Style Salad.. Shrimp Pomelo Salad INGREDIENTS: 240g… Continue reading Shrimp Pomelo Salad Recipe

Fish · Lutong Bahay (Daily Menu)

Fish Menudo Recipe

Post Views: 11,394 Miss mo na bang kumain ng Menudo, pero for some reason ay hindi puwede? Maari din naman magluto ng menudo gamit ang ibang putahe ng laman. Masarap at malinamnam na fish fillet ang gamitin. Subukan ang napakasarap na version ng lutong bahay na Menudo fish version. Masarap po siya gamit ang fish… Continue reading Fish Menudo Recipe

Filipino Native Food · Kakanin

Nilupak (Balinghoy Recipe)

Post Views: 56,856 Nilupak Na Cassava or Kamoteng Kahoy or Balinghoy is a traditional Filipino kakanin. Who doesn’t know this favorite afternoon snack with lots of butter or cheese. Traditionally, nilupak is mashed using “Lusong”, the larger version of mortar and pestle that is made of wood. And Pinoy enjoy cooking this Pinoy kakanin together,… Continue reading Nilupak (Balinghoy Recipe)

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Buko Pandan Salad

Post Views: 94,828 One of the most favorite Filipino Salad! Buko Pandan Salad, its easy to make and budget-friendly dessert you can make for the holidays! Its creamy, sweet and flavourful pandan gelatin with young coconut strips. This recipe is all natural recipe version. Follow this recipe to make a Buko Pandan, using gulaman bar/agar-agar… Continue reading Buko Pandan Salad

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How to make Salvaro (Cassava Crisp)

Post Views: 21,938 A mindanao delicacy made from pounder, sun dried and fried cassava. A native and childhood delicacy of many mindanaoan’s. How to make Salvaro (Cassava Crisp) INGREDIENTS: Ground cassava Cooking oil Caramelized coconut cream INSTRUCTIONS: Get the ground cassava and form it like a compact disc. Pound it with clean kitchen hammer to form… Continue reading How to make Salvaro (Cassava Crisp)

Pork Recipes

Pata Tim Recipe (Savory Style)

Post Views: 59,672 Pata Tim (Savory Style) INGREDIENTS: 1.2-1.5 kilo pork legs (pata front) 1 tbsp. sesame oil 2 pcs. star anise ½ cup soy sauce 2 tbsp. hoisin sauce 2 tbsp. oyster sauce 6 cups water 1 cup brown sugar ½ cup rice wine 1 tsp. black peppercorn 1 tsp. sesame oil 2 tbsp cornstarch… Continue reading Pata Tim Recipe (Savory Style)

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Lechon Manok Recipe

Post Views: 29,487 Lechon Manok Recipe INGREDIENTS: 1 kilo dressed whole chicken 1 (8 oz) Sprite or 7up 3 tbsp. of white or brown sugar 3-5 cloves of garlic, minced 1 medium sized onion, sliced 3 tbsp. of lemon or Calamansi juice 1 thumb size ginger, sliced 1 or 2 stalks of lemon grass (Tanglad)… Continue reading Lechon Manok Recipe

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Skinless Chicken Longganisa Recipe

Post Views: 69,327   Skinless Chicken Longganisa Recipe INGREDIENTS: 1 kilo ground chicken breast 1/2 tbsp turmeric powder salt and pepper to taste 1 head garlic, crushed and finely minced 2 tsp. sweet tomato sauce 2-3 stalk Kinchay, (Chinese Parsley), finely chopped 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar 1 tbsp. sugar 1 ½ tbsp cornstarch INSTRUCTIONS:… Continue reading Skinless Chicken Longganisa Recipe

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Chicken Sisig Recipe

Post Views: 91,313 “The term ‘sisig’ refers to the spicy and fatty meat dish popular for the Filipino beer-drinkers because of it’s unique sizzling blend of spiciness, sourness, saltiness and aroma. ‘Sisig’ is also considered as a special viand these days and often served with steamy rice for lunch or dinner at home. The common… Continue reading Chicken Sisig Recipe

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Beef Ribs Sinigang sa Bayabas

Post Views: 19,774 Filipino Classic Sinigang na Tadyang ng baka sa Bayabas. In english, Beef Ribs Soup with Guava fruit. Super yummy! This soup is an absolute winner in a rainy day or cold weather. It is a classic Filipino hearty soup with the kick of sourness and flavor of the guava fruit. Beef Ribs… Continue reading Beef Ribs Sinigang sa Bayabas

Pork Recipes

Bicol Express Pork Chop Style

Post Views: 11,605 Bicol Express Pork Chop Style is almost the same as the version of Bicols express. A native Bicol province delicacy.  Minced pork in coconut milk with plenty of chilis that makes it so hot and spicy! Bicol Express Pork Chop Style, subukan at masarap ang kakaibang version na ito ng Bicol Express Pork… Continue reading Bicol Express Pork Chop Style

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Coffee Buns Recipe

Post Views: 69,528 Coffee Buns or otherwise known as Mexican Buns, its crazy good! You have to try it, its easy to make. Happy baking! Coffee Buns Recipe INGREDIENTS: A. Filling: 50g salted butter, cut into 8 small cubes. (Keep them in the fridge until ready to use). B: Coffee Topping: 1 large egg, beaten… Continue reading Coffee Buns Recipe

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Heavenly Mango Tapioca Recipe

Post Views: 818,037 Heavenly Mango Tapioca is ideal for small food business this summer. Serve it chilled, and everyone will go crazy for more. This dessert, didn’t take long in our fridge. It’s gone before I even know it. My kids devoured every tapioca in the bowl. It is simple to make and you can… Continue reading Heavenly Mango Tapioca Recipe

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Breaded Fish Fillet with Pineapple Pepper Relish

Post Views: 39,843 This Breaded Fish Fillet with pineapple relish is simple, healthy, budget friendly and delicious! You can buy cream dory fillet in most major supermarket nowadays. I always buy my Cream dory at Sm Supermarkets at a very affordable price, specially for the frugal moms out there like me. Your kids will absolutely… Continue reading Breaded Fish Fillet with Pineapple Pepper Relish

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​Oatmeal Cheese Bars

Post Views: 175,185 Simple and yummy snack Oatmeal Cheesecake bars! Trust me, you need to make about 2 batches. It is deliciously addicting. Happy baking! ​Oatmeal Cheese Bars INGREDIENTS: For the crust and topping: 1 cup quick-cook oats 1 cup brown sugar 3/4 cup flour 1/4 tsp. baking powder 1/4 tsp. baking soda 1/8 tsp.… Continue reading ​Oatmeal Cheese Bars

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Blueberries Smoothies Recipe

Post Views: 282 Blueberry Smoothies, Oh my super yummy! Recipe and Healthy Benefits of Blueberries Are frozen berries as healthy as fresh berries? “Studies conducted at the South Dakota State University show that freezing blueberries makes their powerful antioxidants more available to the human body. This is because anthocyanins, the antioxidant compounds that make blueberries… Continue reading Blueberries Smoothies Recipe

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Jam, Preserves and Pickles Recipe Collections

Post Views: 777 Jam, Preserves and Pickles Recipe Collections A collection of easy recipes, from basic fresh fruit jams or jellies, pickles, preserves, sauces with basic canning procedure. Table of Contents QUINCE JELLY CRANBERRY JELLY GRAPE JELLY CURRANT JELLY CRABAPPLE JELLY GOOSEBERRY JAM RASPBERRY JAM STRAWBERRY JAM CRANBERRY SAUCE RHUBARB CONSERVE PLUM CONSERVE CHERRY CONSERVE… Continue reading Jam, Preserves and Pickles Recipe Collections

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Banana Smoothie Recipe (9 Reasons to make one each day)

Post Views: 2,790 9 Reasons to Make One Banana Smoothie in a day Rich in minerals and vitamins like potassium, calcium and magnesium. A source of healthy calories, fibre, and protein Works as an energy booster because it is high in complex carbohydrates which gives our body a good supply of glucose. Can help you… Continue reading Banana Smoothie Recipe (9 Reasons to make one each day)

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How to Make Rose Tea

Post Views: 699 Rose petal tea is really good after a long day of work. Because it really aids relaxation and better goodnight sleep. Benefits of Rose Water Tea Boost Immunity Skin health May help cure sore throat May relieve Menstrual discomfort Improves sleep Boost digestion Help in weight loss Rose Tea Recipe INGREDIENTS: 4-5… Continue reading How to Make Rose Tea

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Filipino Iced Tea Recipe

Post Views: 3,164 Filipino Iced Tea Recipe INGREDIENTS: For Tea Concentrate: 4 tea bags 5 cups of water, plus 3 more cups for the simple syrup 1 cup of sugar 1 ¼ cups of packed light or dark, brown sugar 2 fresh Lemon, sliced (Limes or even Calamansi) slices for garnish Mint sprigs for garnish… Continue reading Filipino Iced Tea Recipe