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Loading… TOP 10 PINOY IMPROVISED OVEN (FOR BAKING) Can I bake even without an oven? Is it possible to bake a cake with no oven? Yes you can bake by using an improvised oven at home. It’s easy and anyone can make it. You don’t even have to spend a peso to buy a material… Continue reading TOP 10 PINOY IMPROVISED OVEN (FOR BAKING)

Cakes and No Bake Cakes

Chocolate Sponge Cake

Loading… This chocolate sponge cake is so soft, delicious and easy to make. You can bake it for any day, birthday or special occasion. You can top it with any of your favorite frosting like Chocolate Ganache Icing and garnish it with fresh slice of fruits. It’s a perfect chocolate sponge cake recipe. Happy baking… Continue reading Chocolate Sponge Cake

Filipino Native Food · Kakanin

Maja Blanca with Milk Powder

Loading… Maja Blanca with Milk Powder is a silky smooth Maja Blanca recipe ever. It’s because of the milk powder. It sure has made a believer out of me for this is the the best recipe for Maja Blanca with outstanding result. The creamy milk powder and buko juice made it super delicious! You may… Continue reading Maja Blanca with Milk Powder

International Recipe · Soups


Loading… Caldo de Pata or Cow Feet soup is originally from El Salvador in Central America. It is a hearty gelatinous soup well loved in the Caribbean with very tender cow feet meat and fats, cassava, achuete, hominy corns (binatog corn we all know), fresh herbs and spices that makes it more sumptuous. Happy cooking!… Continue reading CALDO DE PATA (COW FEET SOUP)

Refreshments, Juices, Smoothies

Homemade Kiwi Smoothie

Loading… Homemade Kiwi refresher smoothie for the family. Gotta try for the coming weekend with the family. 💞 HOMEMADE KIWI SMOOTHIE Homemade Kiwi Smoothie5 (100%) 1 vote Food Advertising by INGREDIENTS: 3 peeled kiwi fruit 1 mango, peeled, stoned and chopped 500ml pineapple juice 1 banana, sliced INSTRUCTIONS Prepare to peel the Kiwi Fruit: Slice… Continue reading Homemade Kiwi Smoothie

Cakes and No Bake Cakes


Loading… Brownie Butter Cake – A rich butter cake and ‘oh so delicious’ chocolate brownie combined into one luscious cake. The house smelled so good! Pair this Brownie Butter Cake with a scoop of ice cream and drizzle on top with chocolate syrup and slices of fresh strawberries. Perfect! BROWNIE BUTTER CAKE Food Advertising by… Continue reading BROWNIE BUTTER CAKE

Featured Food

Krispy Kreme’s Bacon and Cheese Doughnut: Comfort in every bite

Krispy Kreme’s Bacon and Cheese Doughnut: Comfort in every bite5 (100%) 1 vote Feature Release Just when you thought they have come up with every flavor possible. Krispy Kreme has created a new variant that burst with mouth-watering goodness at every bite – the bacon and cheese-filled ring doughnut. By combining two of the most… Continue reading Krispy Kreme’s Bacon and Cheese Doughnut: Comfort in every bite

Refreshments, Juices, Smoothies


BLUE LEMONADE COCKTAIL BLUE LEMONADE COCKTAIL5 (100%) 3 votes INGREDIENTS: 1 Lemon (juiced) 2 drops Blue food coloring 1 glass Water 2 tbsp sugar pinch of salt 2 cups Ice cubes 1 can Soda (White – Sprite, 7up ⁿ equivalent) Food Advertising by INSTRUCTIONS: Add water, lemon juice, blue food coloring, sugar and pinch of… Continue reading BLUE LEMONADE COCKTAIL

Adobo Recipes · Beef Recipes


  How to cook a Adobong Bulalo (beef shank adobo)? Just twice cook the Bulalo. When beef shanks are tender, cook it again as adobo. Definitely delicious! You can also match it with Sisig Lutong Bahay.Winner sa sarap with Pinakbet (Ilocano Style). Make ahead cooking is advised. You know very well that the adobo taste… Continue reading ADOBONG BULALO