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Palitaw sa Panutsa Sauce

Loading… Palitaw sa Panutsa Sauce5 (100%) 1 vote Another native Filipino kakanin from the province with abundant sugar cane plantations. The makers of Panutsa/Panotcha like the provinces of Pangasinan and Ilocos. In other provinces it is also known as Sinakob, Tagapulot, Pulitipot, Panotcha or Sugar Cane Mollases. This dark sugar cane mollases is like a… Continue reading Palitaw sa Panutsa Sauce

Filipino Native Food · Filipino Recipe · Kakanin

Bibingkoy ng Cavite

Loading… Bibingkoy ng Cavite5 (100%) 5 votes Have you tried Bibingkoy of Cavite? It’s an original Caviteño rice treat that taste like tikoy and buchi with ginataan! A glutinous rice cake pillow with green monggo/mung bean paste filling and served with generous creamy coconut milk with glutinous rice balls, jackfruit strips, and sago. Best breakfast… Continue reading Bibingkoy ng Cavite

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Loading… CREAM OF MUSHROOM SOUP5 (100%) 1 vote Did you ever think of making your own Filipino Style Cream of Mushroom soup from scratch, because one of the members of the family can’t eat ready made or instant soup. I am sharing this recipe because I needed to cook this from scratch and without msg.… Continue reading CREAM OF MUSHROOM SOUP

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Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings

Loading… Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings5 (100%) 1 vote These are literally some of the best asian chicken wings you’ll ever taste. You’ll never be disappointed with Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings Chinese style. In fact, you’ll be craving for more. Here in the Philippines, this Salt and Pepper Chicken is also offered in Filipino… Continue reading Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings

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Candied Orange Peels

Loading… Candied Orange Peels5 (100%) 1 vote The Story behind Candied Orange Peel How many of you have tried candied orange peels?  They are a really wonderfully different little treat and refreshingly cool. Made from actual oranges and no artificial flavors added. A great thing to make this time of year when oranges seem to… Continue reading Candied Orange Peels


Onion Rings Filipino Style

Loading… Onion Rings Filipino Style5 (100%) 1 vote Who wouldn’t want a crunchy deep fried onion rings! One of my favorite appetizer. I always buy this at Burger King whenever I order a whopper meal. You can also match it with your favorite crispy fried chicken, hamburger or french fries. Serve it with delicious dipping… Continue reading Onion Rings Filipino Style

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Fishball Noodle Soup

Loading… Fishball Noodle Soup5 (100%) 1 vote No meal is simpler than this, Fishball Noodle Soup. In fact, you can even use Lucky Me noodles and discard the msg powder, concoct this recipe into their noodles. Nice idea! This warm soup will definitely delight any cold soul. So if your thinking where to get all… Continue reading Fishball Noodle Soup

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Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Roll

Loading… Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Roll5 (100%) 1 vote These Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Rolls are definitely cheesy and healthy. Easy roll ups you can prepare for snack or lunch pack for kids. Quick and easy recipe for any busy moms out there. For the Puff Pastry, its easy to find it here in the Philippines, specially… Continue reading Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Roll

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Loading… ZUCCHINI LASAGNA5 (100%) 1 vote This Zucchini Lasagna recipe is so delicious! You won’t even miss the noodles and it’s a perfect dish for hosting friends at home or simple family dinner. Your kids wont even know there is no noodles in it. You know how easy this was to put together? Basically Meat,… Continue reading ZUCCHINI LASAGNA

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Malaysian Laksa

Malaysian Laksa4 (80%) 7 votes Malaysian Laksa is one of the perfect demonstrations of Chinese-Malay flavors or recipe combination in just one single bowl. It is definitely a spicy and hot soup. The ultimate soup you need in this cold weather. One of the hottest soup in asia with so much depth of flavour. The… Continue reading Malaysian Laksa