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Fudgee Cake (No Bake)

Fudgee Cake (No bake)
Fudgee Cake (No bake)

Fudgee Cake is the best cake to start for first timer. I know some of us just want to make our very own cake for our love ones. I should know, because I felt the same years back when I am just experimenting in the kitchen. This fudgee cake is so easy to make, even your kids can help in making this cake.

For some who doesn’t know Fudgee cake bars is a ready to eat cake bars with chocolate filling inside. Here in the Philippines, you can buy fudgee cake bars in almost any small sari sari store in the streets. Retail price per piece is just eight pesos.

So any frugal mom, can make an easy Fudgee cake for family even without an oven. Thanks to the very creative mom who invented this recipe. I remember it went viral to one of the cooking group I joined. This anonymous mom made a cake using fudgee bars plus gelatin on top. Then a lot of variations was created using fudgee cake bars coming from different members of the group. Next thing I know, it went viral in other groups too. Definitely because it is a refrigerated cake, and fudgee cake is available in any stores or supermarket.

See complete recipe instructions below.

Fudgee Cake (No Bake)


10 fudgee bars
1 pack of nestle cream
1/2 can condensed milk
3 packs Cream-O cookies (crushed)


Cover your pan with aluminum foil for easy unmolding.
Whip the cream until it doubled its size, then add condensed milk. Mix it well.
Chill for at least an hour before assembling cake. Slice each bars into half (horizontal or pahiga)
First layer, spread your pan with chilled whipped all purpose cream. Don’t forget to reserve some  of whipped cream for final finishing after unmolding.
Second layer,  place the sliced Fudgee bars. Pressed it and allow no spaces in between.
Third layer, pour some of the chilled all purpose cream. Fourth layer, sprinkle crushed Cream-O. And do the same for the fifth layer.
Once done, chill it in the freezer for 2-4 hours and unmold Fudgee Cake on a plate. Drizzle with Clara Ole Chocolate Syrup! Slice, serve and enjoy!
You can also layer it in the middle with marshmallows or it could be anything you love. And decorate it with colorful sprinkles, candies or chocolate chips. The secret is topping it with irresistible eye-catching sweets.
I hope you enjoy making this simple no bake desserts. Let me know if you tried it too. Please share your very own version and comment on this post. Thanks for dropping by! Keep on visiting us for more unique recipe idea.
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See step by step photos for reference below:

Fudgee Bars

Fudgee bars, first layer

Fudgee Cake (No bake)