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Nilupak na Saging

Linupak na Saging
Linupak na Saging

Linupak na saging is a delcious native recipe from the province. They use a big wooden mortar to mash the bananas. This classic process will give you a nostalgic feeling back in your childhood days of making Linupak na Saging. Simple recipe you can no longer easily find anywhere. Some people also call it “Linuyang.”

The new generation can never be compared to the olden days because its not just the old process or recipe, but the memory stringed to it, makes it special.

Cook it today, pass on Linupak na Saging recipe to your kids. This is truly classic and native.



15 pcs. unripe saba, cooked and pounded
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 coconut, grated
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
margarine or butter

Nilupak can either be saba (banana variety) or cassava, it’s a favorite merienda for Filipinos. Traditionally, Nilupak is prepared by pounding all the ingredients in a large mortal and pestle (lusong).


Combine the above ingredients, and pound once more.
Mix till well blended.
Arrange on a platter and cut into desired shapes.
Brush with butter of margarine before serving. Serve it using hot banana leaves as a liner to infused  flavor.


Credits: Kusina Master

Special photo Courtesy of : Jhanel

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Nilupak na Saging
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