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Sinambong or Patupat ng Ilocano

Sinambong or Patupat ng Ilocano
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Patupat or Sinambong

Patupat is one of Ilocano rice-based delicacies that are tedious to prepare. This delicacy is common in the provinces of La Union, Isabela, Pangasinan and Ilocos.


Patupat is a sweet and delicious kakanin snack wrapped in buri bags or coconut leaves.


Buri leaves or young coconut leaves are procured and woven into a small bag. The buri leaves is prepared by weaving the leaves to produce a basket. With one end open, so you can half fill it with malagkit rice (sticky rice). The basket is then secured with a knot,  leaving one strip leaf hanging, purposely to hang all the bunches of Patupat after soaking it in boiled sugarcane syrup for an hour. It is tied up in bunches on top of the big pot to let it dry and drip.


You might be wondering why other people call these Sinambong and others will say no, its Patupat. That’s because Sinambong is a tagalog word and Patupat is the ilocano translation of Sinambong.

Patupat Recipe




5 cups glutinous rice
15 cups sugarcane juice
coconut leaves, woven into pouch


Mama’s Guide Instructions:

Prepare patupat pouches by weaving coconut leaves into rectangular receptacles. Leave a small opening on one end. Half fill the pouch with uncooked glutinous rice. Close the pouch by making a knot on the leaves at the small opening. Secure the filled pouches with a bamboo splice to form clusters. Boil sugar cane juice in a carajay. Scoop the solid particles that were formed at the surface of the liquid; dip the clusters into it for an hour or until cooked. Lift the clusters and drain excess juice. Continue heating the sugar cane juice to a densely concentrated, yellowish brown syrup. Dip the clusters again for 30 to 50 minutes for a sweeter taste and longer shelf-life. Lift the clusters and allow to drip for several.



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