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Winter Melon Tea Recipe

Winter Melon Tea Recipe
Winter Melon Tea Recipe

Winter Melon Tea Recipe

“Winter Melon is gradually gaining popularity as a beverage option. Did you know that this new favorite is actually a vegetable? Winter Melon or “Kundol” is a vine-like flowering plant which bears “fruits” used as culinary vegetables. This wonder veggie is loaded with nutrients which are great for losing weight, for preventing migraines, for eliminating free radicals and more. It helps in keeping the kidneys healthy and in managing hypertension.”If you’ve been in Vikings Restaurant, you must know Winter Melon tea because they serve bottomless fresh icy cold Winter melon tea..and it is absolutely refreshing!

Prep Time: 1 hour
Cook Time: 2 hours

Winter Melon Tea Recipe


1500g winter melon
250g brown sugar powder
50g rock sugar

For serving
Clean water
Ice cubes


Wash the winter melon carefully and then remove the skins.

Then cut the left part into small cubes. Throw them into a large pot.

Spread brown sugar powder and give a big stir to mix them evenly. Set aside for around 1 hour until there is a thin layer of water in the bottle.

Use high fire to bring everything in the pot to a boiling and then add rock sugar. (I would suggest adding the skins and seeds back in this step. But it is totally up to you)

Slow down the fire to simmer for 1.5 hours to 2 hours based on your cooking ware until the winter melon is totally transparent.

Turn off the fire and wait to cool down.Strain the juice out. And press the winter melon with heavily during the process to get as more juice as possible. Or you can use gauze to wrap the winter melon and squeeze the juice out.

How to store: store in airtight container and refrigerate up to 2 weeks, as there is no preservatives in our homemade version.

How to serve: add water three times more than the juice to make an easy winter melon juice.

Serve and enjoy!

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