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Sili Ice cream Recipe

Sili Ice Cream Recipe
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Sili Ice Cream or Red Chili Pepper Ice Cream. If you are curiously intrigued by the Sili Ice cream recipe of Bicol, here’s a no churn recipe you can try at home. The Sili Ice Cream Recipe ingredients are easy to find in any supermarket near your area. This famous Sili Ice Cream Recipe is made of coconut cream and a dash of Sili powder (Red hot chili peppers or Thai Chili) which makes it so unique from other ice cream. It’s hot yet its cold! That’s how Sili Ice Cream Recipe taste. You just gotta try this Sili Ice Cream Recipe.
For the strawberries, you can definitely change the fruit flavor if buying strawberries are too extravagant in your area. You can use mangoes instead or any fruits you love. Enjoy!

Sili Ice cream Recipe


1 cup heavy cream (Alternatively: all purpose cream), chilled
1 cup coconut cream (chilled)
1 cup condensed milk, adjust if you want it sweeter (chilled)
2-4 cups ripe sweet strawberries (pureed, chilled)
1/8 tsp salt (just a pinch) to even out sweetness
2 pcs fresh siling labuyo, minced, seeds included


  1. Chopped siling labuyo, and grind it using a blender, until it becomes powder. You may have plenty of leftovers because you only need a pinch of sili powder depending on your taste buds.
  2. In a mixing bowl, combine the heavy cream or thick cream, coconut cream, condensed milk, sugar, fresh pureed strawberries and salt and a pinch of siling labuyo powder (about 1 tsp).
  3. Beat using an electric mixer until smooth. A foam or small bubbles will appear on top. About 10 minutes or more, with interval stop (not to overheat your handmixer)
  4. Pour the mixture in airtight container (Airtight means not allowing air to pass in or out, so that the texture of the ice cream will be soft & smooth.)
  5. Place it inside the freezer for about two (4-8) hours or maybe more.
  6. Serve and enjoy!

Cooking Notes: Coconut cream can be purchase in any supermarket in tin cans. If you can’t find any, you can omit the coconut cream and just add another cup of all purpose cream.