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Saging Con Yelo with Sago

Saging Con Yelo with Sago
Credits @leavingonajhetplane
Saging con yelo, is just perfect for the summer. Who wants to make this very simple summer dessert that we all love since childhood?
Saging con Yelo, is a banana plantain cooked in brown sugar syrup and served with crushed iced and milk. Sweet, creamy and chilled. But dont forget to put some pandan leaves when cooking the banana for an added classic flavor.
If your curious why saging na saba (banana plantain) is use in saging con yelo instead of the regular lakatan? Its because saging na saba needs to be cooked first, while using other kinds of banana can’t be cooked because of its mushy texture.
So what is a banana plantain that we use in Saging con yelo?
“Plantains belong to the same family as bananas but they have to be cooked to be eaten. Plantains are delicious and can be found in many places in the world. Here are a few health benefits of plantains: Plantains are very reliable sources of starch and energy. Plantains contain a high amount of dietary fibre which helps ensure healthy bowels”

Saging Con Yelo with Sago


5 pcs saba na saging, sliced diagonally (vertically, crosswise or in circles, whichever you prefer) 1 cup brown sugar 2 cups of water ¼ cup of evaporated milk 1 ½ of crushed ice ½ cup sago or tapioca pearls (cooked) *pandan leaves to add flavor


1. Cook banana in sweet brown sugar syrup. Place peeled banana (saba na saging), water and brown sugar in a pot. Boil in low heat, allowing the saba to be cooked and the sugar to caramelized. Constant stirring is needed to prevent sugar from getting burnt. 2. Add pandan leaves to add flavor, once the sauce is like thick caramel. Turn off heat. 3. Remove the sweetened plantains from the pot and put it in a platter. 4. Place pieces of sweetened saba in a separate bowl, topped it with crushed ice and layer it with another set of ‘minatamis na saging’. Pour evaporated milk and sago pearls. Serve and enjoy! 5. Want more added topppings to you Saging con Yelo? You can add sweetened langka, you can add a scoop of your favorite ice cream on top or top it with leche flan slices. Super yummy!

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