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Pancit Molo ng Iloilo


Pancit Molo ng Iloilo

Have you tried Pancit Molo of Iloilo? This recipe is an authentic Filipino dumpling soup that originated in Molo, Iloilo. When in Iloilo the locals recommends, Kap Ising  Pancit Molo. This is the famous place, if looking for the best Pancit Molo.
Kap Ising Pancit Molo” serve the most delicious traditional Pancit Molo of Iloilo.
So why it is even called pancit molo, even if there is no pancit ingredient in this soup?Actually, the noodles takes the shape of flat wanton wrappers that envelopes plump meatballs.
It is cooked in a rich stock of chicken, pork and shrimp. So the wanton wrapper becomes the actual pancit. Namit! (means delicious in Illongo)

How to Wrap a Wonton/Molo

Pancit Molo ng Iloilo Recipe

Servings: 10


1 pack molo (or siomai/wonton) wrappers

Palaman ng Molo:
300 grams giniling na baboy
200 grams hipon, peeled, chopped
½ teaspoon paminta
5 butil ng bawang, tinadtad
2 tablespoons all purpose flour
1 teaspoon asin
1 itlog
Pagsama samahin at ibalot isa isa. Isantabi

Sangkap sa Paglalaga ng Manok:
1 buong manok
12 cups water
1 cup ulo ng hipon
1 stalk celery, chopped
1 carrot, chopped
2 large onion, chopped
fish sauce and white pepper, to taste


1. Ilaga ang manok kasama ng lahat ng sangkap sa paglalaga gamit ang mahinang apoy sa loob ng isa’t kalahating oras. 

2. Haguin ang manok sa pinakuluan at tangalin ang balat. Himay-himayin. Isantabi muna. 

3. Salain at tangalin ang ibang sangkap na natira sa pinag-lagaan na sabaw ng manok upang sabaw lamang ang matira.

4. Timplahan ng patis at paminta. Season with fish sauce and white pepper.

5. Pakuluin muli at ilagay ang mga dumplings, hinimay na manok sa loob ng tatlong minuto o hanggang sa maluto ang dumplings. 

6. Isalin sa bowl at maari ng ihain! Lagyan ng tinadtad na dahon ng sibuyas, toasted bawang at konting sesame oil.


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