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Adobong Baka

Adobong Baka

Simple and easy technique of cooking Adobong Baka or Beef Adobo. But how do you cook beef in adobo sauce if it takes time to make it tender. The secret to a yummy Beef Adobo is to boil it first in water with pepper and salt until tender for about 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours. Once tender, fry it quickly to get that crisp texture and then toss it in simmering adobo sauce mixture. Can you imagine how delicious it can be.

Always remember, the longer the sauce sits in the beef  is better! You can always cook it ahead of time and reheat it when you’re ready to serve it. This recipe is also good for beach outing or family picnic because the shelf life can last longer in normal temperature or even without refrigeration.

Adobong Baka


  • 1/2 kilo laman ng baka
  • 2 tasang mantika
  • 1/4 tasang bawang
  • 1/4 tasang puting sibuyas
  • 1/2 tasang toyo
  • 1/2 tasang suka
  • 1/4 tasang brown sugar
  • 2 pirasong dahon ng laurel
  • 1 kutsaritang pamintang durog
  • 1 tasang tubig

Pakuluan ang baka hanggang lumambot isa at kalahating oras hangang dalawang oras, itabi at palamigin

Pakuluan ang toyo, suka, bawang, sibuyas, paminta, laurel, at brown sugar sa loob ng 10 minuto

Iprito ng lubog sa mantika ang baka, tanggalin sa mantika at i-drain maigi kapag medyo na toast ng bahagya.
Ihalo ang baka sa adobo sauce. Pakuluin sa mababang apoy hangang manuot ang timplada sa baka, maluto at lumapot ang sauce ng kaunti.

Handa na!

Serve and enjoy! Happy cooking mga ka-mama’s!

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Credits: @fatimadefrancia

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