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Best Linaga of Iloilo

Best Linaga of Iloilo
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Have you already tried the BEST LINAGA in ILOILO? Which is your favorite?
It comes in three varieties – kasudlan, kahig and beef! If you haven’t, try to visit us at Merlo Street, Santa Barbara, Iloilo! Available soon, pure beef shank…
LINAGA (Iloilo)

1 kilo beef/pork, cut into serving size
¼ kilo batuan/ I pack Knorr sinigang
¼ kilo pechay
¼ kilo hilaw na langka, diced (jack fruit)
1 piece beef Knorr cubes
4 pieces long chili
2 pieces onions, sliced
½ medium size garlic, pounded
½ cup cooking oil


Sauté garlic and onions.
Put the beef, mix for 2 min.
After a few minutes, put some water.
Let it simmer until the beef/pork gets soft.
Put langka, salt and vetsin [optional]
If the langka is soft enough, put the batwan or knorr sinigang.
If batwan is used, take out from the broth the batwan if its skin is already open.
In a small bowl, press the softened batwan to bring out the juice.
Strain the batwan and put the juice into the pot.
Simmer for a few minutes.
Put the petchay.
Simmer for a minute and add the chili peppers.


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