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Mama’s Black Sambo Recipe

Mama's Black Sambo Recipe
Mama’s Black Sambo Recipe

This black sambo recipe by Mamas Guide is easy to make. I used Mr. Gulaman powder for the gelatin and it was perfect. The secret to a perfect black sambo is in this recipe. Just follow the exact measurement and you can never go wrong.  Happy cooking!?


First layer (milky white portion)
1 can of Nestle Cream (regular)
1 can of condensed milk (regular)
1 pack of Mr Gulaman unflavored gelatin
750 ml of water

Materials Needed: Gelatin Moulder or Large Round bowl, or small ramekins.

In pot without heat, melt 1 pack of Mr Gulaman in 750ml of water. Dissolve and mix well, mash the lumps. Then add, Nestle cream and condensed milk under low fire. Keep stirring in low heat for about 10 minutes. Mix it well, make sure there is no lumps or mash it with spoon.Place 3/4 of the mixture in a round bowl or moulder and let cool. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours before adding next layer. Or freeze for 15 minutes for fast results.Second layer (chocolate portion)(thin layer only or ¼ )


1 can evaporated milk (big) (alternative: powdered milk diluted in 1 glass of water)

1 cup white sugar

1/2 cup Hershey’s or Ricoa unsweetened chocolate, melt in 1 cup hot water

(alternative:Milo or cocoa powder)

1 pack of Mr Gulaman unflavored Gelatin, melt in 1/2 cup cold water

Melt 1 pack of Mr Gulaman in 1/2 cup cold water. Mix well using fork.

Mix evaporated milk, sugar, and melted chocolate in a pan under low fire.
Add the melted Mr Gulaman to the milk, sugar and chocolate mixture and continue stirring for 10 minutes under low fire.

Set aside mixture and let cool.
Place 1/4 mixture on top of the first layer and refrigerate.

You can drizzle your favorite chocolate syrup on top when serving.

Enjoy your dessert!

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