Mama's Recipes

Pork Bachoy Soup



1 kilo of at least 3 combination of the following innards:
* Pork’s tenderloin

* pork’s kidney

* pork’s spleen

* pork’s liver

* pork’s heart

-4 cloves garlic; minced

-1 medium onion; chopped

-1 root ginger; cut in strips

-2 stalks green onion leaves; chopped

-Meat broth

-Fish sauce

-Salt and pepper

-Cooking oil

Sauté garlic, ginger, and onion in oil

then add the pork’s heart and kidney.

Suate for 15 minutes or until enough broth comes out from the innards.
Pour enough broth to cover all the ingredients and at first boil, add the pork’s tenderloin, liver, and spleen. Simmer and continue cooking until innards are tender or done.

Season with fish sauce according to desired taste.

Remove from fire and serve hot with green onion leaves!

You can add miki noodles to make it La Paz Bachoy recipe.

You can add bile to make Papaitan recipe. Although beef or goat innards are normally used for Papaitan.

You can add sinigang mix (or tamarind seeds) to make it Sinanglaw Ilocano recipe. Although beef or goat innards are normally used.