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Chicken Kinulob Recipe

Chicken Kinulob Recipe

Chicken Kinulob
Credits Mavic Villanueva
Chicken Kinulob is traditionally cooked in a clay pot. The secret is cooking it for 4 hours at lowest heat or sa ginatong na kahoy with the smoky flavor of the burnt banana leaves and clay pot. It gives the chicken an aromatic flavor bursting in your mouth.
When preparing to cook for Chicken Kinulob, always make sure to use a big pot or clay pot that will fit the size of your chicken plus the other ingredients.
There are already a number of different version of this recipe. First, you can stuff the cavity with the other ingredients like an extra, chorizo, ham sliced carrots and potatoes. Some technique I learned is to line the pot with bacons or ham bones, I guess this is to prevent the chicken from scorching under just in case the water dries out. And of course the flavor of bacon or ham bones is yummy too.
Other versions of this recipe are Chicken kinulob in Tomato Sauce, Chicken Kinulob in Gata, Chicken Sprite stuffed with lemon grass and Chicken kinulob in pineapple.
This recipe version is superb, because of sherry wine. The aroma of the sherry wine is infused to the chicken for hours, thus make it so appetizing even with just the smell of it. The ham bones will make it even tastier, aside from holding the chicken from scorching to the bottom of the pot. You can use sherry or rice wine. It is an essential ingredient but you can omit it if its not available.

This is an ideal special occasion menu! Like holidays, baptismal, wedding, birthdays or even fiesta. I hope you and your family enjoy this classic filipino favorite recipe. Happy cooking!

Chicken Kinulob Recipe 

1 Whole Chicken, remove fats & reserve, (size depends on the size of your clay pot or casserole) 
8-10 cups Cold Water
2 Chorizo de Bilbao, (quartered diagonally)
100 grams Dried Ham Bones
100 grams Chinese Ham Bits
1 large white onion
2-3 large potatoes, peeled & slice in half
15 pcs Whole peppercorns
1 tablespoon Kikkoman Soy Sauce
1 tablespoon cooking wine (or sherry)
Banana leaves to cover the pot (or clay pot)
String or toothpick to tie up the chicken cavity (optional)

1. Preparation: You can stuff the chicken cavity with extra ham, potatoes and onions if preffered.
2. Press peppercorns into the potatoes, (pepper studded potatoes). Set aside.
3. Prepare banana leaves and heat over low fire to wilt until smokey and fragrant. Set aside for later use.
4. In a pot, render oil from chicken fat (or cooking oil). Add and sautè chorizo slices, oil color will change to orange.
5. Next, line the pot with ham bones, place the whole chicken and pour water. Make sure the chicken is fully submerged in the water. Let it boil.
6. Add onion, potatoes, soy sauce, and sherry. Continue to boil, then adjust heat to low.
7. Cover pot with banana leaves on top. Continue to simmer for about 4 hours over lowest heat possible. Check chicken once in a while to check if it’s fully cooked and water has not dried out. Adjust water as needed. Chicken should be tender or fall-off-the-bone tender onced cooked.
8. Adjust taste of broth and season with salt according to taste.
9. Broth must have the smokey fragrance of burnt banana leaves while cooking. Once done, turn off heat.
10. Serve chicken on a big serving platter lined with wilted banana leaves. Share and enjoy!

Other Kinulob versions:

Chicken Kinulob (at Patis Tito Garden Cafè in San Pablo City, Laguna) is a hearty dish of 1 whole chicken slow-cooked in large clay pot. 
1. Chicken Kinulob in fresh tomatoes, carrots, bacon and chorizos.
Chicken Kinulob slow cooked for 4 hours in fresh tomatoes, onions, bacon, and chorizo
Credits @popilaudico
2. Kinulob na Manok sa Gata 
Chicken Kinulob Recipe, kinulob na manok sa gata
Credits Earl Richard Flores
3. Chicken Kinulob in Tomatoes, Potatoes and Carrots
Chicken kinulob in Tomato Sauce
Credits Cocoh Yrn Lacroix
4. Chicken Kinulob in Del monte Tomato
Chicken Kinulob in Del monte Tomato
Credits Katherine Parungao Garcia


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