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How to Make Homemade Heavy Cream


Note: unlike store-bought heavy cream this recipe will not beat into whipped cream.


  • 3/4 cup whole milk
  • 1/3 cup butter


1 Melt the butter. Start with butter than has been thawed to room temperature. There are a few different ways to melt the butter. Here are some methods to consider:
Melt it on the stove. Put your butter in a skillet and turn the heat on low. Butter melts between 82 and 97ºF (28–36ºC), which can be about room temperature on a hot day. Keep an eye on your butter and remove it from heat when about 3/4 of the butter has melted. Use a spoon or spatula to spread the butter over the bottom of the pan as it melts.
Melt it in the microwave. Chop the butter into small pieces and place it in a microwave-safe container for about 10 seconds at a time until melted.

Pour the melted butter into the milk. In a medium bowl, mix together 1/3 cup butter (melted) and 3/4 cup whole milk. Make sure you have let your butter cool before pouring it into the milk
If you prefer to use milk with a lower fat content you’ll need to add 1 tbsp of flour to help your cream thicken.

Whisk your ingredients together. Whisk together with an electric mixer, handheld whisker, fork, or spoon. Mix for several minutes until the cream is thick and frothy.
Be aware that this homemade heavy cream will not whip into whipping cream like store-bought heavy cream will.

Store your heavy cream (optional). Place your heavy cream into a covered container in the refrigerator and store for 1 to 2 days.

Use your homemade heavy cream. You can substitute this 1 cup (236ml) of homemade heavy cream in baked goods, soups, and savory sauces immediately.