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Rellenong Bangus Recipe


Rellenong Bangus Recipe


Tried and tested delicious recipe of Baked or Fried Rellenong Bangus ni Mama. Super sarap at partneran ng sawsawan na ketchup. Tara mga ka-MGR at magluto ng Rellenong Bangus Espesyal na pwede sa kahit anung okasyon or pang ulam din. Bet na bet ito ng buong pamilya! Happy cooking. Enjoy!
Local market tip: you may also ask suking bangus vendor sa inyong palengke if they sell fresh bangus for relleno. Normally may mga nabibili ng naka ready yung bangus para sa mga gustong mag relleno. 

Rellenong Bangus Recipe

2 medium size bangus
1 onion, chopped finely
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 small size carrot, small cubes
1 box raisins (optional)
2 tomatoes, chopped
1 raw egg, large (or 2 small) 
1 tsp magic sarap (optional)
1 tsp salt
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1 green bell pepper, chopped finely
2 tbsp flour
cooking oil for frying
1 cup bacon, finely chopped
1/4 cup cooked green peas

For Fish skin marinade:
1 lemon (or calamansi juice) 
2 tbsp soy sauce
pinch of pepper

1. Scrape fish scales and clean the fish.

2. Gently pound fish to loosen meat from the skin. Use flat side of a knife in pounding. Break the big bone at the nape and on the tail.

3. How to separate the fish skin and fish meat: Use the handle of syanse (large spoon), and insert it in the fish neck or opening cavity below the head (upang paghiwalayin and balat sa laman ng isda) . 

4. Slowly, scrape down the handle between the meat and the skin until you reach the tail and go around on the other side of the fish (once done with one side). 

5. Once the meat is entirely separated from the skin, remove the handle. Squeeze and push out meat (with the big bone). Start from the tail going up to the head. This way, you will be able to push out the whole meat without cutting an opening on the skin.

6. Marinate skin and head of the fish with soy sauce and lemon/calamansi juice. Set aside.

7. Boil fish meat in a little water and drain after. Transfer it in a bowl and pick out fish bones and flake the meat. 

8. In a large pan, heat oil to saute garlic, onions and tomatoes until soft and fragrant. 
Then, add in bacon, fish meat, carrots, raisins and bell pepper.

9. Season with salt, magic sarap, ground pepper, and worcestershire sauce. You may add a pinch of any favorite dried herbs to make it aromatic (like basil, oregano, or rosemary) 

10. Transfer cooked mixture to a plate then, add raw egg, 2 tbsp flour and mix it well
Fill in bangus skin with the mixture. 

11. For Frying: Wrap bangus in wilted banana leaves or aluminum foil and fry.

12: For baking Rellenong Bangus:  wrap bangus in wilted banana leaves or use aluminum foil and bake it in the oven at 350°F or 180°C for about 30-40 minutes. 

12. Cool before slicing. Garnish with sliced fresh tomato, spring onions or parsley and fresh sliced pipino for garnish and decor. 

13. Serve and Enjoy!


Rellenong Bangus Recipe