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Warek Warek ng mga Ilocano

Warek Warek ng Ilocano
Credits @annietotskie
Warek Warek, a famous Ilocano dish which you can find in almost every occasions in Central Luzon, up to north of Ilocos Region in the Philippines. Nueva Ecijanos find it delicious when combined with pig’s brain which makes it creamy like a mayonnaise. It resembles Sisig at some point.

Warek Warek ng mga Ilocano


1/2 kilo Pig Ears
1/2  kilo pork neck (batok) 
1-2 Calamansi, juiced (vinegar as substitute)
1-2 large Onions (white or red, according to your taste)
Salt or fish sauce (patis)
1 tsp ground pepper
1/4 cup Pig brain or mayonnaise 
red chili pepper, garnish (chopped) 


1. Grill the pork (both pig ears and neck) until brownish and half crunchy
slice thinly and lengthwise, about an inch, and transfer into a mixing bowl

2. Mince the onion, mix with salt and powdered lopepper, and add to the pork in the bowl.

3. Mix thoroughly. Add the calamansi juice and fish sauce, according to taste and serve. 

4. Best with some beer or hard drinks.
Caution: Avoid this food if your watching your blood pressure. Happy cooking! 


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