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Chocolate Leche Flan

Chocolate Leche Flan Recipe
Credits @lingawniclement
This Chocolate Leche Flan is satin like chocolate, so smooth, sweet and light.. Perfectly delicate. Another recipe you can add to the Leche Flan dream dessert collection. This recip is good for steaming or baking (baine marie) whichever cooking process available to you. 

Chocolate Leche Flan


8 egg yolks
1 can evap milk
1 can condensed milk
125 gm dark chocolate bits (1 cup)
Optional: 2 tsp orange flavor/zest (for more yum)

1. Preheat oven 180°C. Prepare flan pan by melting 1/4 c sugar directly in the pan over medium heat to coat the bottom. When melted set aside to solidify.

2. Melt chocolate in microwave 30 sec stir then repeat until fully melted.

3. Mix well all ingredients, including melted chocolate and orange zest. (Note: add sugar if using unsweetened chocolate; taste and adjust to your liking)

4. Place caramel pan on baking try. Pour mixture into caramel pan. Seal with baking paper. Pour hot water into tray.

5. Steam or Bake 50-60 min (add more hot water if needed) until flan is set but wobbles a little. Do not overcook or it will taste eggy.

6. Let cool then refrigerate.

7. To remove from pan, run a thin sharp knife all around the leche flan to loosen it. Sit it on a pan of hot water 30 sec, this will loosen the caramel. Place serving plate on top of pan then flip upside down. Voila! Enjoy with your favorite hot beverage!