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Leche Puto
Leche Puto

Puto Flan or otherwise called Leche Puto by some is another favorite Filipino kakanin. Puto and Leche Flan in one. Whoever invented Leche Puto kakanin must be a lover of both puto and leche flan. But don’t be tricked by its scrumptious looks, because puto flan is not so easy to make specially for beginners. First you need to master each recipe before attempting to combine both because it might not be easy if you’re new in this puto making and leche flan thing. But who knows, with your wit and talent in cooking you might be able to perfect these Puto Flan in just the first try.

However for kakanin experts, these shouldn’t be hard to do. You may want to read the article Why your Leche Puto Failed. Read this article to get experts advise why some leche puto or puto flan failed to cook properly. A question and answer portion most commonly asked by beginners.

This Puto Flan Recipe is translated in Filipino and English Instructions.

This Puto Flan instruction is a tried and guaranteed recipe. Come and let’s start making puto flan. Happy cooking!


For the flan:
4 egg yolks
1 cup condensed milk
1 tsp lemon or calamansi extract

For the puto:

2 cups rice flour
4 egg whites
1 1/2 cup water
1/4 cup evaporated milk
2 tsp baking powder
1 cup white sugar
dash of salt
small plastic puto molds

Paraan ng Pagluluto ng Leche Puto:

Ihanda ang molde ng puto at mantikaan ang paligid ng bawat isa para hindi dumikit ang leche flan at puto kapag naluto. Isantabi pagkatapos.

Para sa Flan Mixture:

Kumuha ng katamtamang laki ng mangkok or bowl, paghaluin ang pula ng itlog, condensed milk at lemon extract or flavoring. Haluin maigi at salain ang mixture ng flan para maging pino ito pag naluto.

Isalin ang hinalong mixture sa mga puto molds (lalagyan ng puto), maglagay ng 1/4 mixture.

Kapag nailagay mo na lahat ng mixture, ay ihanda na ang pausukan or steamer na paglulutuan ng leche flan. Kapag kumkulo na ang tubig ng steamer ay isalang na ang mga leche flan cups. Takpan ng tela ang ibabaw ng steamer at saka takpan. Pausukan ito sa loob ng 5 to 8 minuto gamit ang pinaka-mababang apoy. Makaraan ang limang minuto ay icheck kung luto na ang flan, kumuha ng toothpick at itusok sa gitna ng flan, kapag walang nanikit sa gilid ng toothpick ay luto na ito. Maari mo ng patayin ang apoy. Isantabi at palamigin muna ang mga flan.

Para sa Puto Mixture:

Sa isang katamtamang laki ng mangkok, paghaluin ang egg whites (puti ng itlog), cream of tartar, at asukal.  Gamit ang hand mixer, ay haluin ito ng mabilis hangang sa maging fluffy ang mixture. Isantabi muna.

Kumuha ng panibagong malaking mangkok, at pagsamahin ang rice flour, baking powder at kurot ng asin. Haluin maigi. Isalin ang tubig at ang egg mixture na isinantabi knina. Haluin maigi hanggang wala ng namumuong harina sa mixture.

Maari mo ng isalin ito sa mga molde ng nalutong leche flan. Magiwan ng palugit at huwag paabutin sa rim ng molde ang puto mixture. Huwag paapawin, mga ¾ lamang.

Ihanda muli ang steamer at kapag kumukulo na ay saka isalang ang mga puto mixture. Takpan ng tela ang ibabaw at takpan maigi ang steamer. Pasingawan ang puto gamit ang pinakamababang apoy sa loob ng 10 minuto.

I-check after 10 minuto, kumuha ng toothpick at tusukin ng bahagya sa gitna ng puto. At kung walang dumikit na mixture sa toothpick, ito ay luto na. Patayin ang apoy, tanggalin sa steamer ang mga puto at palamigin muna. Kapag malamig na ang puto ay maari na itong ibaligtad sa tray. Padaanan ng manipis na kutsilyo sa gilid at ska bahagyang itaktak pabaligtad.

English Version


1. In a small bowl, mix thoroughly together the egg yolks condensed milk and lemon extract.

2. Pour egg mixture into plastic molds..
3. Cover steamer and steam on low heat for about 5 – 8 minutes. Remove from steamer and let cool.

For puto:
1. In a bowl, combine egg white, evaporated milk and sugar. Blend until mixture is smooth.
2. In a separate bowl combine rice flour, baking powder and salt. Keep stirring until completely combined.
3. Add the egg mixture and water.
Mix all the ingredients until smooth, ensure there are no lumps in the batter.
4. Scoop mixture, and pour over flan filling 3/4 to the top.
5. Cover steamer with cheesecloth and steam on low heat for another 10 minutes.
Remove from steamer, let cool and serve.

Tip: You can use plastic dispensers to fill up the molds to make it so much easier and cleaner.

Source:  Paw Villanueva