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Peking Style Chicken Special

Peking Style Chicken Special | Photo by Juz.Purple

This Peking Style Chicken Special is just like The Peking Duck served in chinese restaurants. You can easily make a homemade version of this recipe without needing to buy a duck but instead using a chicken. It’s simple, easy and delicious homemade Chinese Style chicken.

English and Filipino version recipe below.

Peking Style Chicken Special Recipe

Pre Marination time: 4-6 hours

1 kilo chicken, cut in serving size
1/2 cup soy sauce
1 inch ginger, grated
4 cloves garlic, minced
2 tablespoon brown sugar o honey
1 teaspoon five spice powder (ngohiong powder)
2 tablespoon fresh orange juice
2 cups flour
1 teaspoon salt and pepper

Mama’s Guide Instructions:
1. In a bowl, mix and combine five spice powder, soy sauce, orange juice, brown sugar, garlic, ginger, salt and pepper.
2. Add chicken pieces and marinate for 4-6 hours.
3. Once done, drain the chicken and discard ths marinade sauce.
4. Season chicken with some salt and pepper
5. Then roll over chicken into flour,shake off excess flour and deep fry in heated oil until cooked through. Serve hot and garnish with chopped green onions on top. Enjoy

Happy cooking!

Peking Style Chicken Special (Tagalog Version)

1 kilo manok, cut in serving size
1/2 cup toyo
1 inch luya, ginayat or tinadtad
4 na butil ng bawang, tinadtad
2 tbsp brown sugar o honey
1 tsp five spice powder (ngohiong powder)
2 tbsp fresh orange juice
2 cups harina
1 tsp asin
Kurot ng paminta powder

*ang five spice powder ay mayroon sa sm supermarket, condiment section or kahilera ng mga garlic powder etc.

Mama’s Guide Instructions:
1. Sa isang bowl paghalu-haluin ang five spice powder, toyo, orange juice, brown sugar, bawang, luya, asin at paminta.
2. Ibabad ng 4-6 na oras para manuot sa manok ang lasa.
3. Pagkatapos ng 4-6 oras, ihiwalay ang manok sa marinade.
4. Lagyan ng konting asin at paminta ang harina.
5. Pagulungin sa harina ang manok at i-deep fry sa mainit na mantika hanggang maluto.

Serve hot and enjoy!

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