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Longganisang Tuguegarao
Longganisang Tuguegarao

Longganisang Tuguegarao is somewhat similar to Vigan longanisa. It is tangy, salty, garlicky, and cooked on its own rendered fat. Other’s may call it Longganisang Ybanag, but base on my research it is more known as Longganisang Tuguegarao. While, locals would even call Tuguegarao as the city of Garlic longganisa.

Other retailers sell it using carabeef or carabao meat, but you can also use pork at your convenience.

It is also good when cooked slightly crunchy. You can cook it by simmering it first in a cup of water. Simmer it, until water dries up and all the fats are rendered. Just let the longganisa cook on it’s own oil.

Langgonisang Tuguegarao is the best tasting langgonisa ever. The thin, silky casing and its juices and flavors will burst in your mouth as you bite it with its garlicky flavor. Yum! Serve your longganisang tuguegarao with pinakurat dipping vinegar! Best with any sinangag and fried egg. Woot!


Longganisang Tuguegarao Recipe


1 kilo of coursely ground pork
1 tbsp ground pepper
2 heads garlic, chopped
1 tbsp salt
3 tbsp sukang iloko
1 1/2 tbsp oil cooked with achuete
hog casing
cooking twine


1. Combine all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl. But don’t over mix to retain its course texture.

2. Fill-up the casing using funnel or embudo.

3. Tie the ends of each longanisa. Let it dry for a few hours.


4. Once dry, store in the freezer.


Nothing Beats Tuguegarao Langgonisa by samdangulian

Cooking Tips:

One of the best tips to a delicious Longanisang Tuguegarao is to air dry it. And the pork should contain fat.

And for the vinegar, it should be sukang iloko or substitute with cane vinegar. Follow the ingredients needed in the recipe to get the best tasting Longganisang Tuguegarao.

Happy cooking. Enjoy!



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Photo by: iamsharmandeyro