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Pinakufu of Ybanag


Cagayan Pampanguena – Pinakufu/Photo by Yvette Tan – CC BY
Pinakufu is an Ybanag Native Delicacy made from glutinous rice (malagkit), grated coconut and drizzled with lots of caramelized brown sugar. Yummy and easy Filipino Native delicacy for merienda. 

Pinakufu of Ybanag

1/2 kilo malagkit rice (or alternatively use Glutinous rice flour for a quicker process)
1 young coconut, grated
1/2 kilo caramelized brown sugar
1. Soak malagkit rice in water overnight. (Skip step 1 and 2 if using Glutinous rice flour)
2. Wash it the next day and grind the soaked malagkit until fine in texture.
3. Mix grated young coconut with ground malagkit.
4. Mold into tongue-size patties.
5. Fry and drizzle with lots of caramelized brown sugar upon serving. Serve and enjoy! 

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