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Powdered Milk Puto Cheese

Powdered Milk Puto Cheese
Powdered Milk Puto Cheese

These puto cheese is milky and very similar to Goldilocks puto. Please take note, it doesn’t contain any eggs and only needs 4 main ingredients. It’s a budget saver puto!

Kids will love these milky and cheesy puto. Enjoy!


Powdered Milk Puto Cheese Recipe

Yield: 19 pcs

2 cups All purpose flour
1 cup Sugar
3 tbsp Baking powder
2 cups Bear Brand powdered milk (any brand is ok)
1 ¾ cups + 2 tbsp water (for diluting powdered milk)
½ tsp salt

Cheese, sliced into thin strips



Sift flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. Set aside. Combine all dry ingredients except for powdered milk.

In another bowl, combine powdered milk and water. Mix completely until no milk lumps are left. Gradually pour dry mixture to wet mixture whipping continuously.

Mix thoroughly until mixture is smooth and all lumps are gone.

Pour into a greased puto cups. Top it with slices of cheese. (If you’re using silicon cups there is no need to grease it.)

Prepare steamer and let water boil in high heat before placing puto cups on top. Cover with cloth or foil to avoid water drippings on your puto.

Steam for 10-15 minutes using low heat. Cover pot tightly. And wait for the right time before checking if puto is cooked. Use a toothpick and insert in the middle, if it comes out clean. Your puto is ready.

Remove puto cups from steamer and let it cool before unmolding from cups.

Serve and enjoy!


Recipe Adaptations:

Alaine C. Valiquette