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Tinuom na Manok ng Iloilo

Tinuom na Manok ng Iloilo
Tinuom na Manok ng Iloilo

It’s a perfect special native chicken dish – an Ilonggo delicacy called “Tinuom”.

It’s a native chicken with soup wrapped and cooked in banana leaves.


2 pcs onion
3-4 pcs tomatoes
1 bundle lemon grass
1 thumb size ginger
vetsin or msg (optional)
1 whole chicken (preferably native), deboned and cut into serving sizes
2-3 cups water (just enough to cook Chicken)
banana leaves (preferably saba) for wrapping
bamboo string for tying



Place the chicken in a pot. Add the onion, tomatoes, vetsin (optional) and salt. Pour in water just enough to cook the chicken. Boil for about 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the chicken used. An older chicken usually takes longer to cook.

In separate bowls. Prepare the wrappers by lining the banana leaf on the bowl. Note: saba leaves is better. It affects the aroma and flavor of the tinuom compared to other banana leaves.

Place and divide the boiled chicken pieces with the rest of the ingredients into set of bowls. Gather the ends of the banana leaves, making sure that the ingredients won’t drip by tying it with a string.
Steam the wrapped ingredients and wait for a few minutes. (Another process is to place the wrapped ingredients again in a pot filled with water.)

Remove the tinuom from heat. Serve and enjoy!

Cooking Notes: Add chili fingers before wrapping the basic ingredients will make your tinuom hot and spicy. You can also add batwan to give the dish a hint of sourness

Chicken Tinuom ng Iloilo
Chicken Tinuom ng Iloilo – Whole Chicken Style



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