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Lecheroons (Baked)


Macaroons with Leche flan (Lecheroons)

Macaroons with Leche Flan on Top! Sinfully addicting..All time best seller desserts..❤

Yield: 9-12 cupcakes

1 397 grams tin of sweetened condensed milk
2 whole eggs
4 egg yolks
1/4 c. melted butter
1 tsp. vanilla extract
2/3 c. desiccated coconut

Lecheroons by memememere

Prepare and preheat the oven to 325° F/160° C.

You can use silicon cups too. Or if using cupcake pans, line it with paper cases.

Combine and mix all of the ingredients. Use a whisker or fork.

Pour the mixture in the muffin pan about 3/4 and leave an allowance when its cooked. Stir constantly before filling each cup to evenly re-distribute the coconut in the mixture.

Place the muffin pan on a bigger oven tray. Water bath: Put this in the oven and pour boiling water on the bigger pan to reach halfway up the sides of the muffin pan.

Bake for 25-35 minutes. Check by testing with a toothpick. It’s done when the toothpick comes out clean. It is best not to overcook them so that the bottom layer has a soft texture.

Leave in the pan for five minutes before transferring to a cooling rack. Letting it cool down completely before unmolding from a golden rule in baking.

Serve and enjoy your delicious custard macaroons! Happy baking!

Shelf Life of Lecheroons/Custaroons: 

If kept inside the fridge in chiller section: shelf life is 4-5 days.
Room temperature: 24 hours

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