Chocolate Ganache Icing

This Chocolate Ganache icing or frosting is very stable because of the heavy cream. As some of you may not know heavy cream contains more fats than all purpose cream. These fats will hold the chocolate for a longer time even in humid temperature. So use of all purpose cream as a substitute is not really advised. But if you really have no other substitute, you may use all purpose cream with a caution that it may melt in tropical or humid  temperature. Keep it refrigerated.
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Chocolate Ganache Icing


170 grams (about 1 cup) BITTERSWEET chocolate chips

170 grams (about 1 cup) SEMI-SWEET chocolate chips

1 cup heavy cream (alternatively all purpose cream)

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In a pot bring the heavy cream to boil and add the chocolate chips. Mix until melted and becomes satin smooth. Turn off the heat right away and let the chocolate chunks be melted from the residua  heat.

Mix it until very smooth. If chunks are still left, heat it with very low heat and turn it off as soon as it melts. Your goal is not to burn the chocolate, it turns into blackish color if overcooked.

Mix it well and make sure there are no chunks of chocolate left unmelted. This is to avoid chunks of chocolate from clogging into your piping later on.

Once done. Turn of heat and let it cool at room temperature. Approximately 2 hours cooling time.

Your target is a texture that can be easily scooped using spoon that holds texture or can be pipe.

Start to frost the top of cake with ganache and top with the other cake. Frost the sides.

Scoop the ganache into a cake decorating bag fitted with Wilton #199 star tip. Start on top around the cake and in the bottom.

Your Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache Icing is ready.

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