Ginisang Tahong



5 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed,
1 thumb sized ginger, peeled and julienned,
1 medium onion, peeled and chopped,
5 medium tomatoes, chopped,
½ tsp ground pepper,
salt and pepper to taste
cooking oil
3 pcs “pechay” or “bok choy” or any veggies of your choice (optional)
1-2 Long Green Chili or Siling Haba


Photo by @marilenskii



The cooking process is very simple, just sauté the ingredients.

In a large wok, heat the oil in medium flame. Saute garlic, followed by ginger. Add in the chopped tomatoes and continue frying until soft and mushy. Add in mussels and continue sautéing until it renders out its own liquid and shells starts to open.
Continue simmering with liquid that comes out. Add some more hot water or to taste better use rice washing* (second wash) if you want it soupier. Add ground pepper and season it with salt to taste. Mussels usually packed some salty liquid inside the shell so taste and watch out adding salt. Add the “pechay” or any veggies of your choice and siling haba. Cover your pot and turn off heat.

Serve hot and Enjoy!


Cooking Notes:

*Rice washing is the water you use from washing rice before steaming rice. Instead of discarding the 2nd wash. Save some cups for later use on Sinigang. It adds flavor to any soups.



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