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Buko Salad with Cheese

This buko salad is leveled up with cheese cubes! Sweet, creamy buko strips and fruits with a touch of cheese. Try it for the coming Christmas Feast. Yummy!



4 cups young coconut (buko), shredded
1 jar nata de coco
1 jar kaong
1 can (20 ounce) pineapple chunks
2 cans (30 ounce) fruit cocktail
1 (7.6 fluid ounce) Nestle all purpose cream
1 can (14 ounce) condensed milk
4 ounce block of cheddar cheese, sliced into small cubes


1. Place nata de coco, kaong, pineapple chunks and fruit cocktail in a colander. Press lightly with the back of a large spoon to release extra juices. Set aside for about 20-30 minutes to drain.

2. Combine all purpose cream and condensed milk in a large bowl and mix well.

3. Add buko, cheese and drained fruits. Gently combine together.

4. Refrigerate for a few hours until well chilled or put in the freezer for 2 hours before serving.

5. Enjoy!


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