Lumpia/Spring Rolls

Ham and Cheese Lumpia

Ham and Cheese Lumpia

Ham and Cheese Lumpia

10 pcs lumpia wrappers (spring rolls)
10 slices ham (pineapple ham)
20 slices of cheese,  slice into sticks (cheddar cheese)
oil for frying

Slice and divide your bundle of lumpia wrapper in the center ( to get half circle and yield 20 pcs wrappers). Set aside

slice your 10 pieces ham into two, to yield 20 pcs ham slices. Set aside

Prepare a small bowl of clean water for sealing.

In a flat clean surface, spread your lumpia wrapper. Place the ham and cheese slices on top of one spring roll wrapper.

Fold it on the side to cover your filling, as if you are folding an envelope. Then roll and seal it with a touch of water on the edge of wrapper.

Do the same until all ingredients are wrapped individualy.

In a shallow sauce pan, pour oil and heat over medium heat. Once your oil is very hot. Use a tong and gently deep fry lumpia in oil. Do not over crowd your pan. Once color turns golden brown and wrapper becomes crispy, drain it from oil. Transfer it in plate lined with paper towels.

Serve with your favorite ketchup on the side. Enjoy!

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