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Ube Biko Recipe

Ube Biko Recipe

This ube biko Filipino recipe is super delicious, super easy to make because it is in English and Tagalog Version. You may also add some macapuno to it to make it more special for the Holiday Season! Ube Biko Macapuno, that’s my next recipe this Christmas.
This Ube Biko with Cheese Toppings is also good for business at home and sell it to your friends and neighbors.

UBE BIKO RECIPE (with Cheese Toppings) 

4 cups glutinous rice (I used rice cups from rice cooker)
2 cups sugar
2 cups coconut milk (16oz)
1 tbsp ube food color
1 tbsp ube flavor
½ cup ube powder or jam (optional but recommended)
pinch of salt
3 tbsp margarine
1 cup water/8oz (para sa ube mixture)
4 ½ cups water (using rice cups)
grated cheese or budbud, garnish

* I used “US standard” measuring cup for everything else, except for glutinous rice and rice water in this recipe.

1. Prepare your rectangular biko tray and grease your pan with butter or margarine. Set it aside.

2. Prepare a large pot, and add 4 cups of glutinous rice (using the regular rice cups of your rice cooker). Wash glutinous rice for 2 times, drain and discard excess water. Add 4 cups of water and an extra ½ cup of water (I used the rice cups for this measurement, the same cup I used for measuring glutinous rice to get an equal ratio).

3. Over medium-low heat, cook the glutinous rice the same way we cook regular rice. Cover rice pot and bring it to a boil, adjust heat to low after. You will need to stir it from time to time to prevent glutinous rice from sticking to the bottom of the pot.

4. For the Ube Coconut Mixture: In a large wok, pour in coconut milk and bring it to a boil. adjust heat to low and add in sugar and ube powder. Mix it well until ube powder is dissolved in coconut milk for about 5-7 minutes. Add the ube flavoring, food color, and pinch of salt. Mix it well until medium in thickness.

5. When the glutinous rice starts to get cooked and all water starts evaporate (but still slightly moistened), add in your ube coconut mixture to the cooked glutinous rice. Make sure to just use low heat.

6. Combine the the ube coconut mixture to the glutinous rice and mix it well. Add little water at a time if it gets too dry. Continue to mix it until the mixtures starts easily separate from the pan as you mix it. Add in the butter and margarine and combine it thoroughly. Turn off heat and let it cool for a 1-2 minutes. Transfer to the prepared pan and flatten it.

7. Using a butter grease knife, slice the biko in slant criss cross line to form a diamond shape pattern. Garnish each diamond with grated cheese in the center of each shape.

8. Serve and enjoy!

How to make budbud for kakanin:

You can easily make budbud using coconut pulp (niyog) or dessicated coconut. Dessicated coconut can be purchase in any baking supply store if niyog is not available in your location.

In a pan over low heat, toast some dessicated coconut with 1-2 tablespoon sugar. Just keep on mixing until color turns into golden brown and the coconut starts to smell fragrant. Just use low heat to prevent it from easily burning.

(Tagalog Version)


4 takal ng glutinous rice or malagkit na bigas (pang takal ng bigas ang gamit)
2 tasa sugar
2 tasa gata 16oz
1 kutsara ng ube food coloring
1 kutsara ng ube flavor
½ cup ube powder/jam (optional but recommended)
kurot ng asin
3 kutsara ng butter or margarine
1 tasa ng tubig/8oz (para sa ube mixture)
4 ½ takal ng tubig (para sa malagkit rice)

*Ang pangsukat na ginamit ay US standard measuring cup except lamang sa tinakal na bigas.

Ihanda ang tray na paglalagyan ng biko or serving pan. Pahiran ang buong paligid ng mantikilya. Isantabi muna.

Gumamit ng isang malaking kaldero or pot. Magtakal ng apat na gatang ng malagkit rice sa gamit ang pang takal ng bigas tuwing magsasaing. Hugasan ang malagkit rice ng dalawang beses at saka lagyan ng tubig na apat na takal gamit ang pang takal ng bigas. Dagdagan ito ng pa-sobrang tubig na ½ tasa ng tubig

Lutuin ang malagkit rice kagaya ng procedure sa pagsasaing. Pakuluan at takpan ang kaldero, antayin kumulo at saka hinaan ang apoy. Ngunit ito ay dapat halu-haluin paminsan minsan upang hindi manikit sa iyong kaldero at maiwasan ang pagkasunog sa ilalim. Lutuin ito sa mababang apoy lamang habang niluluto naman ang coconut at ube mixture.

Paraan sa coconut at ube mixture:

Samantala, sa isang kawali ibuhos ang coconut milk at hayaan itong kumulo. Idagdag ang asukal at haluin ito hanggang sa matunaw. Ilagay ang ube powder or jam at lutuin sa loob ng 5-7 minuto. At saka idagdag ang ube flavor or pampalasa ng ube, ube food coloring at kurot ng asin. Haluin ito hangang sa maging malapot na.

Kapag malapit ng matuyuan ng tubig ang malagkit rice na niluluto sa kabilang kalan ay saka ibuhos ang pinalapot na coconut ube mixture sa niluluto na kaldero ng malagkit rice.

Haluin ito ng maigi, magdagdag ng paunti unting tubig kung masyado ng syang tuyo. Haluin ng haluin hanggang umaangat na sa kaldero ang malagkit rice tuwing hinahalo. Lagyan ito ng kaunting margarine at haluing maigi bago patayin ang apoy.

Nakakangalay ito sa braso, kaya konting tiis lang at halo lng ng halo. Maari mo ng patayin ang apoy. Isalin ito sa hinandang tray at pantayin ang ang pagkakalapat. Budburan ng toasted coconut, or maari din ang ginagad na keso.

Serve and enjoy!

Paano magluto ng Budbud para sa Kakanin:
Ang simpleng budbud ay maaring gamitan ng tira tirang pinagpigaan ng niyog o kaya ng ready made na dessicated coconut na nabibili sa mga baking store.

I-toast ito sa kawali hanggang maging golden brown kasama ng ilang kutsara ng asukal. Haluin lamang ng haluin gamit ang pinaka mababang apoy upang hindi ito masunog agad.

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