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Binalay ng Isabela

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Binalay Recipe ng Isabela

Serves 10


4 Cups glutinous rice flour
1/2 Cup water
4 Cups coconut milk
1 Cup water
1 1 /2 Cups brown sugar
Banana leaves



In a large bowl, Combine and add the glutinous rice flour and water. Stir it well.

Combine flour mixture until it becomes smooth like a dough.

Using your palm, shape and mold the mixture into ball size shape.

To prepare the wrapper: Wilt the banana leaves by quickly passing it on top of a gas flame. Wipe it clean and grease it with extra coconut oil from the latik.

Put one piece of dough over the wilted banana leaves and flatten into a rectangular shape suman.

Fold the banana leaves to secure the rice mixture and fold the sides.

Place the wrapped suman, into the large steamer.

Steam over medium heat for about 20 minutes.

For the Latik:
In a sauce pot, pour in coconut milk and let it boil. Then adjust to low heat and let it simmer. Keep on stirring. Once oil starts to show up and solids of little small curds begin to be seen. Stir and scrape the sides to keep sauce from burning on the side. Continue to simmer until it turns into curd of golden brown. Turn off heat and set aside.

For the Thick Coconut Sauce:
In another pan, mix water and brown sugar.
Mix until sugar dissolves and continue to boil until sauce becomes thick or caramelized in texture. Add coconut curd (latik), remove from heat and set aside.

Unwrap a piece of cooked sticky rice on a serving plate.
Pour coconut curd sauce on top of it and serve.

Serve and enjoy!!! Happy cooking ?

If using glutinous rice. You can soak it in water overnight, drain water and grind using a blender until texrure is smooth.

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