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Ensaladang Lato (Ar-arusip)


Ensaladang Lato (Ar-arusip)
Credits @John Kyle Perez
Ensaladang Lato (Ar-arusip), Seaweeds or scientifically called Caulerpa lentillifera are one of the most healthy seeweeds that most Filipinos grew up eating. Best partnered with crispy fried fish with matching sawsawan (vinegar dipping sauce).
Although most Filipinos referred to it as lato, in Ilocos region they call it ar-arosep or ar-arusip. These seaweeds or sea grapes taste like sea water, it is fresh and juicy. That’s why some local calls it “ubas ubasan” because it looks like small grapes.
For first timers, fresh harvest lato should be washed and cleaned well to remove the grimes. You can make salad and add fresh veggies like tomatoes, onions, or even add slices of green mangoes and salted eggs. Serve it as an appetizer with squeezed lemon juice or vinegar and other fresh ingredients you want.
While the Japanese would use these in making nori sheets or as an ingredient in sushi, salmon and rolls.

Lato Health Benefits

Lato is known to be very high in minerals, amino acid, and iodine, and is deemed to be helpful for people suffering from Goiter or Iodine deficiency problem. According to the Seaweed Industry Association, lato is high in vitamin A, C, and several essential unsaturated fatty acids.
So why not serve this very healthy salad to your family today! Its fresh, healthy and organic.

Ensaladang Lato (Ar-arusip)

2-3 cups lato, washed ( seaweeds)
2 calamansi
3 tomato (sliced)
1 onion (sliced)
salt to taste

Green mangoes, cubed
Salted eggs, sliced

Clean and wash well the seaweed grapes to remove the grimes. Drain water and transfer into a clean serving plate. Toss in the slice onions, tomatoes and squeezed juice of calamansi.  Serve with your favorite fried fish. Enjoy!!

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Ensaladang Ar-arosep

The Lato Salad, with diced green mangoes, tomatoes, and onions swimming it its juice is so delicious. Lato or ar-arusip is a seaweed also known as sea grapes.

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Some will harvest lato under water but some lato can be harvested by the seaside rocks too..

Lato Salad with Salted Eggs (Itlog na maalat)
Lato Salad with Salted Eggs (Itlog na maalat)

Nutrition Facts Ensaladang Lato

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Credits: @Harry’s, Bernardina Lapuz, Rodolfo Samonte, @John Kyle Perez

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