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Burong Mustasa

Photo by @gabb28

Fermented Mustard Leaves 

1 kilo mustasa leaves
2 1/2 Liters water
1 cup coarse salt (for squeezing)
1/2 cup table salt (for drenching)
4 knob gingers, thin Julienne cut

1. Clean and wash thoroughly the mustasa leaves in running water.
2. Separate all the old leaves and slice off the roots. About 2 inches long cut it in crosswise. 
3. Transfer mustard leaves in a dry, clean bowl and season with salt to clean each leaves. Rub it with salt and press it using your hands in squeezing motion.
4. Squeeze out the liquid and transfer the drained and squezed mustasa in a clean sterilized jar.
5. Pour water (put enough water to cover the vegetable and fully submerged). Add salt and ginger.
6. Cover the jar tightly and make sure no air comes in. Store at room temperature for 2 to 3 days.
7. You can keep it in the fridge where for longer shelf life.