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Powdered Leche Flan

Powdered Leche Flan, Budget Leche Flan

Budget Friendly Leche Flan (approx worth 14 pesos) Trending sya now sa mga ka-MGR facebook group. Wag po i-compare ang worth 14 pesos na leche flan sa special na pure egg yolks. Iba po ang ingredients nito kaya iba rin lasa nito sa special. But according to many, masarap rin naman sya. This recipe is for the budget concious, we can still make a leche flan even on a tight budget. Happy cooking!

Powdered Leche Flan


  • 2 Whole Eggs (lahat kasama, yolk and eggwhites)
  • 1 Cup water + dissolve 3-5 Tbsp Milk Powder (Bear brand)
  • 6-8 Tbsp Sugar (leche plan mixture)
  • 2 Tbsp Sugar for Lanera caramel
  • Vanilla Flavor (alternative: dayap or calamansi)


  1. In a bowl, dissolve Milk powder in 1 cup water. Mix 2 whole eggs and beat well until smooth. Keep on beating, until frothy and smooth.
  2. Add vanilla flavoring.
  3. Strain for 3 or more times. Make sure there are less bubbles in the mixture. Set aside.
  4. Prepare caramel in Llanera: Put 2 tbsp sugar in your llanera and spread it. Heat over lowest fire until sugar is dissolve and becomes caramel, tilt lanera to evenly spread in sugar caramel. Set aside to cool. it will turn into hard caramel.
  5. Pour Egg mixture in your llanera and cover it with foil. Prepare steamer and let your water boil. Once the water in steamer is boiling, start steaming your flan in llanera for 20-30 mins. Adjust heat to low fire only.
  6. To check if it’s already cooked. Insert toothpick in the center of plan, if toothpick comes out clean then its already cooked. Remove from steamer and let it cool first. Once cool, place it in fridge and chill for a few minutes before unmolding.

Cooking Notes:

  • Do not open steamer until you reach the required steaming time. Removing the pot cover will only reset the heat of your steamer and my under cook your flan. So wait for right time before checking if its already cooked.
  • If you want your flan to have the perfect shape when you unmold it, let it cool for at least 30 minutes in the fridge.

Yield: 1 Lanera (small)


Leche Flan Recipe (Filipino Style)