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Champorado with Coconut Milk

Champorado with Coconut Milk
Champorado with Coconut Milk

The aroma of coconut milk smells so delicious. I’ve never smelled a champorado as good as this. Perfectly creamy, delicious chocolatey madness.

What is Champorado? Champorado is a chocolate rice porridge that Filipino loves to eat for breakfast. It is a Filipino staple breakfast. And my favorite childhood breakfast.

I remember, I will wake up in the morning and head straight outside our neighborhood with my 5 pesos coin in my hand just to buy this chocolate champorado porridge. My day is so complete after eating my favorite champorado because sometimes when I wake up late, the large pot of Champorado can be sold out quickly in our neighborhood.

I’m sure many fellow Filipinos can relate to my story, my own childhood memory for Champorado. But this Champorado with Coconut milk is another twist of the recipe. If you want the original version of Champorado you may try this link Champorado with Tuyo Recipe

Champorado with Coconut Milk


1 cup glutinous rice (malagkit na bigas)
4-5 cups water
½ cup sugar
1 cup coconut milk (gata ng niyog) or coconut milk powder dissolve in 1 cup water
2 tablets pure chocolate tablea (tablet-like solid chocolate) or 7 tbsp cocoa powder
Pinch of salt

Note: For coconut milk you can also use the coconut milk powder in groceries. Just dissolve in 1 cup hot water before adding in the pot.

Wash rice well and drain water.

Place the rice in a pot with the 3 cups water.
Cover pot and cook over high heat. Let it boil and simmer for 8 to 10 minutes. Adjust heat to medium fire and constantly stir rice to avoid scorching rice in the bottom of pot.

Grate or chop the chocolate tablets coarsely or if using cocoa powder make sure that thw powder is dissolved thoroughly. Mix it well. Then, add chopped chocolates or powder and sugar in the pot of simmering rice. Sprinkle a pinch of salt and stir. Keep stirring until chocolate is melted and incorporated in the rice porridge.

After 6 minutes, pour in the coconut milk just before removing the champorado from the stove top.

Best serve with fried tuyo and drizzle wirh condense milk. Enjoy!

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Photographed by Eiliv-Sonas Aceron