Minatamis na Bao (Coco Jam)

Photo by @itshobertday

Makes 1.5 cups

2 cups kakang gata (fresh coconut milk)
1 cup muscovado sugar, crushed panutsa/ panocha (unrefined cane sugar) or molasses
2 pandan leaves, knotted or 1 tsp. pandan extract


In a pan, mix all the ingredients using medium to high heat and let it boils.

Once it started to boil, adjust the heat to lowest and just let it simmer. Constantly mix the mixture until the sugar is dissolves. Scraping down the bottom to avoid burning.

Turn off heat, once the mixture thickens into honey-like consistency and the color turns dark brown. It’s already cooked.

Remove from heat and discard the pandan leaves. Set it aside first and let it cool for a few minutes only.

Transfer the Coco Jam in clean jars. Seal it tightly and sterilized the jars before using for a longer shelf life. It can last up to 1 month in the refrigerator.


Serve with hot pandesal (buns) and a cup of coffee. Yummm…Enjoy!


Cooking notes:
Be sure not to overcook the jam because it easily hardens as it cools down, so make an allowance for cooldown process.