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Mojo Potatoes ala Shakey’s

Photo by @thingsieatph

6   russet potatoes   
2   eggs   
4  cups flour   
all season salt  
1/2 tsp cayenne   
2  tsp thyme   
2  tbsp milk   
1  tbsp of melted butter   
Canola oil


In a bowl, whisk eggs, add milk and butter.

In another bowl, mix Flour, Thyme & Cayenne together

In a shallow small pot, add oil about 3 inches deep.

Slice each potato into 6 mojo rounds.

Dip mojo slices in egg mixture covering completely. 

Then roll mojo potato slices in Flour Mixture.

Transfer mojo potatoes on cookie tray while others are battered.

When all mojos are battered, cook and deep fry potato slices in batches. Do not over crowd the pot.

Make sure oil covers the potatoes are completely submerge in oil. 

Once golden brown, and cooked, drain oil from oil and transfer to a plate lined with papef towels. Sprinkle with all season salt.

Serve with your favorite dipping sauce, thousand island dressing or garlic and mayo dip. Enjoy!