Ice Cream

Homemade Oreo Ice Cream 

Easy homemade soft and creamy ice cream without using ice cream maker.

568 ml double cream (or 2 packs all purpose cream or best with heavy cream, CHILLED)
2/3 can of Carnation condense milk
1 pack of Oreo biscuit or 12 pcs.
2 tbs. granulated sugar or chocolate shavings (optional if you want really sweet)
1 tsp of vanilla extract


Crushed up the oreo biscuits in some small bits and some chunky bits.
Into a bowl add in the cream, condense, and sugar.
Mix with hand mixer until well combine and creamy.
Add in the vanilla extract and the crushed oreo biscuits and simply mixed them through with spatula.
Put it into a container. Smooth over the top.
Put into the freezer overnight and let it set.

Serve it with an ice cream cone or in an ice cream cup and enjoy!