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Tortang Kalabasa with Malunggay

Tortang Kalabasa with Malunggay

Budget-friendly meals, using healthy vegetables. Ulam ideas for the kids Tortang Kalabasa with healthy Malunggay leaves! Aside from malunggay you may also use other variety like, corned beef, tuna, sardines or ground pork. Happy cooking!

Tortang Kalabasa with Malunggay


½ cup malunggay leaves
1 cup squash, thinly sliced
2  onion, medium size
1 cup flour
2  eggs, beaten
ground pepper
cooking oil
salt to taste


1. Using a buko scraper or any grater (pangkayod) scrape the squash into thin strips and transfer to a bowl. Sliced onions. In another small bowl, beat the eggs. Combine all the vegetables ingredients. Add flour, onion, ground pepper and salt to taste. Pour the beaten eggs and combine well.

2. Using a large spoon/siyanse, scoop a portion of mixture. And form it to your desired round shape or like a patty. Transfer to a plate and freeze it for 5 minutes to set. Or place a portion on a saucer plate/platito and push it down gently into the cooking oil. 

3. In a pan, heat the cooking oil  over a medium to low heat. Then fry the vegetables patty until golden brown or cook through.

4. Transfer into serving plate lined with paper towels. Serve with your favorite spiced vinegar.