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Tupig Recipe (Pangasinan)

Tupig Recipe (Pangasinan)
Tupig Recipe (Pangasinan)
Did you know that Tupig recipe is very easy to make? It doesn’t even need an oven. You can easily cook it in a pan. Yes, its very easy to cook. All you need is a pan, banana leaves and the basic ingredients.
We have 3 recipe version, sundan mo lang ang mapipiling proseso na mas aayon sa iyong kakayanan.
Meron recipe version na traditional at meron din short cut gamit ang glutinous rice flour. If there is no banana leaves, you may use a baking paper or foil to wrap it. The use of fresh banana leaves is preferred because it gives extra aroma to the Tupig which makes it so authentic in flavor. 

Tupig Recipe


2 cups glutinous rice, soaked overnight
1 cup sugar
1 cup young coconut, shredded into strips
banana leaves, passed through flames to wilt
Cheesecloth or clean katsa


1. Using a blender, grind the soaked glutinous rice until fine. (Reduced water if needed, just leave a little water)
2. Pour the ground rice mixture into a cheesecloth. Tie the end of the cheese cloth. Squeeze out and remove excess water.
3. Transfer the ground rice on a clean dry tray and spread it out to let it dry slightly.
4. In a mixing bowl, add ground rice, sugar and young coconut. Combine well and add a little water (be careful not to put too much) to form a soft mixture.
5. Prepare the wilted banana leaves wrapper, then scoop out 3 tablespoons of the mixture. Form your mixture into a cylinder. Carefully roll and wrap it up. Flatten a little before broiling over hot charcoal.

6. Check the doneness: your tupig is done when the filling turns brownish in color and chewy in consistency.
7.  Serve hot and enjoy! Happy cooking!


2 cups Glutinous rice powder
1/2 cup Sugar
3/4 cup Water o sabaw ng buko
1 cup Shredded Buko (mas masarap kubg young coconut or malauhog)
Dahon ng saging


1. Paghaluin ang lahat ng sangkap, until it becomes like a dough.

2. Ihanda ang malinis na dahon ng saging. Idarang sa apoy ng bahagya. Putulin ng mga 5 inches each.

3. Brush ng oil o butter ang part ng dahon na lalagyan ng tupig mixture.

4. Lagyan ng tupig mixture, manipis lang katulad ng lumpiang shanghai. Para mas madaling maluto.

5. Puwede itong iluto sa grill pan o kawali. Iluto hanggang umangat ang dahon. Magbutas bahagya ng makita kung luto na.

6. Mag-testing lang muna ng ilang piraso. Tikman at iadjust accdg sa panlasa at liquid kung gusto ng mas malambot pa.


2 cups Glutinous rice powder
1/4 cup Gata
1 can Condensed milk
1 cup Shredded Buko
Toasted sesame seeds


1. Sundan ang proseso ng version 2.

2. Instead buko pede macapuno. Pedeng maglagay ng filling like ube halaya, langka, kung anong favorite mo.

3. Maari din gawing flavored Tupig as you wish. Vanilla, buko pandan, banana, ube, strawberry etc.

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Credits: Alona Ma and @by0by