Filipino Native Food · Kakanin




2 cups glutinous rice, soaked overnight
1 cup sugar
1 cup young coconut, shredded into strips
banana leaves, passed through flames to wilt

Cheesecloth or clean katsa



Using a blender, grind the soaked glutinous rice until fine. (Reduced water if needed, just leave a little water)

Pour the ground rice mixture into a cheesecloth. Tie the end of the cheese cloth. Squeeze out and remove excess water.

Transfer the ground rice on a clean dry tray and spread it out to let it dry slightly.


In a mixing bowl, add ground rice, sugar and young coconut. Combine well and add a little water (be careful not to put too much) to form a soft mixture.

Prepare the wilted banana leaves wrapper, then scoop out 3 tablespoons of the mixture. Form your mixture into a cylinder. Carefully roll and wrap it up. Flatten a little before broiling over hot charcoal.

Check the doneness: your tupig is done when the filling turns brownish in color and chewy in consistency.


Serve hot and enjoy! Happy cooking ?