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Biko with Latik Recipe

Biko with Latik Recipe
Biko with Latik Recipe

How to cook biko with latik recipe? If you want to cook biko and it’s your first time to cook biko. Here’s the most simple process of cooking delicious biko. Just prepare a round tray or bilao for the biko and a wilted banana leaves to line your serving tray. Happy cooking!

Biko with Latik Recipe


3 cups Sweet rice (sticky rice or malagkit)
3 cups water
1 can (13.5 oz) coconut milk OR coconut milk from 1 medium sized coconut
1.5 cup white sugar

In a large rice cooker, add sweet rice and water. Cook it like you’re cooking a normal rice, using equal parts of water. Set aside

In a large wok, combine coconut milk and sugar. Let it boil over medium high heat. Stirring continuously.

Reduce heat to medium once it starts to boil.

Boil for 15 minutes or until the amount is reduced by half and the consistency is thick or creamy.

Add boiled rice slowly. Mix thoroughly.
Reduce heat to medium low.

Continue stirring . The secret of Biko is in the constant stirring. You have to have someone to help you mix the rice or alternate with you. It can stiffen your arm muscle. Because it needs continuous mixing.

Do it by scooping from the outside the mixture around the pan in one direction.

Biko is already cooked if it comes together and no longer sticks in the pan when mixed.

Place it in Bilao or round platter with banana leaves lining greased with butter. Slice it in diamond shape cut and sprinkle latik in each slice. Serve and enjoy!

How to make latik:


1 can Coconut Milk (400ml) or
2 cups of fresh shredded mature Coconut
2 cups warm water


Mix the grated coconut with the warm water in a large bowl.
Scoop the coconut into a sheet of cheesecloth and squeeze over the bowl to express as much coconut juice as possible then strain into a pan. Discard the coconut.
Bring the liquid to a boil and cook until the mixture is dry, about 15 minutes
When the texture turns gelatinous, lower the heat and continue stirring.
It will curdle as it dries, continue stirring until brownish residues are formed which are called ‘latik.’

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