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Chicken Adobo de Tablea

Chicken Adobo de Tablea
This Chicken Adobo de Tablea recipe is leveled up with chocolate tablets (chocolate tablea). Just like cooking any adobo but with a hint of chocolate. The flavors are more deep because of the added cocoa. Try it today. Happy cooking!

For some of you who might be wondering what is a Tablea?

It is also a cocoa mass and cocoa liquor made from cacao beans that are fermented, dried, roasted, ground then molded into blocks, balls, discs, or tablets. It is traditionally used in the Philippines to make a hot chocolate beverage using a wooden mixing implement or stirrer.” 

Chicken Adobo de Tablea


2-4 pcs. tsokolate (tablea)
1 1/2 tasa mainit na tubig
½ kilo manok
1 tasa pineapple juice
1 tbsp patis
1 sibuyas, hiniwa
4 na butil ng bawang, tinadtad
2 dahon laurel
1 tsp asukal
asin at paminta

Mama’s Guide Instructions:

1. Sa isang maliit na kaserola, pakuluan ang tablea sa tubig hangang sa matunaw. Tunawin ito ng 5 minuto at ilagay sa isang lagayan. Isantabi muna.

For the Marinade:

2. Sa isang mangkok, pagsamahin ang pineapple juice, patis, paminta, bawang, asukal at asin.

3. Idagdag ang piraso ng mga manok at imarinade sa loob ng isang oras. Takpan.

4. Sa isang kawali, igisa ang bawang at sibuyas. Isunod na ilagay ang manok (ihiwalay ang marinade sauce at isantabi muna)

5. Ibuhos ang marinade at pakuluan ng ilang minuto. Ilagay ang tinunaw na tsokolate. Pakuluan hanggang sa lumapot at maluto.

Serve and enjoy!

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Credits: Chef Michael Bautista and Susan Tayag

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