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Ube Halaya Special
Ube Halaya Special
Ube Halaya Recipe
Ube Halaya Recipe

The very famous kakanin in the Philippines! Ube halaya is now conquering international scene. This Ube halaya is my forever favorite dessert (I bet everyone will agree to this). The secret to the best smooth ube purple yam dessert is using a grinder, an electric mixer or hand mixer. Just it and follow the recipe. Enjoy and happy cooking!



1 kg ube (boiled til fork tender and coarsely ground)
1 can condensed milk (regular size),
1 can evaporated milk (regular size),
1 200g pack of powdered milk*
Brown Sugar (add according to taste)
Butter (or margarine)
Violet/Purple Food coloring (optional)
Kalamansi rind (finely minced)

*Note: Powdered milk (this is optional, but we like using powdered milk together with condensed and evaporated milk because it makes the cooking process a bit faster)


1. Boil and ground the ube (very finely). Add milk, kalamansi rind and sugar. Combine these ingredients in a separate pot or large mixing bowl. Mix it well until smooth. (electric mixer, hand mixer or any blender)

2. Prepare to use a large wok or kawali (talyasi sa tagalog) if you to make the mixing process easier.

3. Use medium heat. Once the wok is hot, adjust heat to low and add some tablespoons of butter or margarine (Make sure butter doesn’t burn)

4. Once the butter is melted, add the ube mixture. Using a large ladle, start stirring [or paddling] until the ube is cooked and the texture is so smooth.

5. Prepare your llaneras:

6. Grease the llaneras with butter or margarine to prevent the ube halaya from sticking to the surface. Cover your llaneras with cling plastic wrap and let it co before transferring in the fridge.

Serve and enjoy!

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Credits: @arneilyanuario1970

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