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Fudgee Jelly Cake

This Fudgee Jelly cake recipe is shared by Alwin John Gwynet Alyanna in facebook. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Mommies without oven can easily adapt this yummy Fudgee Jelly Cake. English and tagalog version recipe below. Happy cooking!

1 pack white unflavored gulaman (jelly powder or agar agar)
5 Fudge bar choco
1can Jersey condensed mango flavor or any
1can evaporated milk, small
Drops of vanilla
Sugar if needed
cheese for toppings (optional)
candy sprinkles for garnished (optional)

In a square plastic container, arrange and lay down each fudgee bars to cover the whole base of the container or tupperware. Set aside.

In small shallow pot, dissolve gulaman or jelly powder together with the other ingredients before cooking in stove. Stir until dissolved and incorporated. Turn on stove and start cooking. Let it boil then immediately turn off heat (first boil only).

Pour the gulaman mixture into the prepared container with fudgee bars. The fudgee bars will float so make sure to place a cover on the container and put it inside the fridge to chill. Once read to serve. Turn it over a serving plate. Sprinkle cheese and candy sprinkles if desired.


Serve and enjoy!


For Filipino/Tagalog version:

Arrange po muna ung fudgee bar sa isang lalagyan,set aside.

Tunawin ang gulaman sa 4 cups of water, ihalo na po ang iba pang ingredients bago pakuluin.
Isang kulo lng po tapos ibuhos na sa fudgee bar, palamigin at ilagay sa refrigerator.

Best serve with grated cheese para pantanggal umay or sawa. Enjoy!




by Alwin John Gwynet Alyanna