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Sago and Fruit Salad Recipe

Sago and Fruit Salad Recipe
Sago and Fruit Salad Recipe

This Sago and Fruit Salad recipe is a must try for any occasion. This holiday season, why not try out a different kind of salad that your guest will surely love! Gotta try it.. Sago and Fruit Salad Recipe. Happy Holidays! ?

Sago and Fruit Salad Recipe


3 cups cooked Sago
2 packs all purpose cream
1 can condensed milk
2 cans fruit cocktail, drained
Slices of fresh fruits (mangoes, bananas, or avocado)
1 bottle Nata De Coco (optional)
1 bottle Kaong (optional)

In large bowl or container, combine the sago, kaong, nata de coco and fruit cocktail
In another bowl, combine cream and condensed milk. Adjust sweetness to suit your preference.
Add cream mixture over sago-fruit cocktail and mix.
Add fresh fruits and make some final mixing before it goes inside the fridge.
Serve chilled.

You can also use 1 big can Angel Kremdensada mix which is light cream sweetened with condensed milk. Just add evaporated milk to lighten the consistency mixture.

Chill for 2 to 3 hours before serving. Enjoy!

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