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Pizza Rolls Recipe

Pizza Rolls
Pizza Rolls by Mama’s Guide

If you love pizza then this Pizza Rolls recipe is just perfect for you, your family. Kids will surely love this Pizza Rolls recipe. Super easy to make snack on any day or special occasion. This pizza roll is definitely Filipino style recipe. Try it!


Gardenia Tasty Bread
1 pack CDO Sweet style ham (8 slice divided into 2 = 16)
CDO Ham (Choose your fave variant)
2 packs Del Monte Sweet Style Pizza Sauce
Pizza Sauce
1 Quezo/Eden Processed Cheese
Sm Bonus Bread Crumbs
2 Eggs beaten

Mama’s Guide Instructions:

1. Slice 16 pcs of cheese. Slice it like you would normally put in your bread or pandesal and divide it into half. To form a stick size cheese.
2. You’ll need a rolling pin to flatten the bread. I dont have one, so I used a clean round glass instead.
2. Spread pizza sauce at least 1/2 spoon on top of your flattened bread. Spread it in the center forming like a small square. Make sure you leave at least a half inch allowance so your pizza sauce wont spill on the side when you roll it up. To seal the roll, just spread a bit of the pizza sauce on edge. It will surely hold the roll perfectly.
3. Put the slice ham and topped it with 2 stick size cheese.
4. Repeat the same procedure until you finish 16 pcs of bread.
5. Roll your pizza roll in beaten egg, drip and then roll it in bread crumbs.
*Do it all until you finished all 16 pcs. So you can focus on your frying later on and avoid over toasted pizza roll.
6. You’re ready to fry your Pizza roll! You can dip fry it. Or if your in a tight budget. You can fry it using small portion of oil. That’s what I did. Using a non stick pan, fry it in 1 cup of cooking oil. If you want a perfectly toned pizza roll or a golden fried texture fry each side using the lowest heat for 20-25 seconds on each side. It will have a perfect golden brown appearance! Remember how your food looks is so important aside from the taste of course. Presentation counts a lot.
7. Use a bread knife to cut it in half, diagonally to yield 32 pcs.
Ready to serve! This is so easy to make. ?

By Mama’s Guide Recipes