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Burong Isda ng Pampanga

Burong Isda
Burong Isda

Hardcore Kapampangan Food..

Burong Isda Recipe

Tilapia or Catfish Fillet
Cooked Rice
Rock Salt

Fermenting Instructions:

Sterilized your container to prevent unhealthy bacteria from contaminating the “Buro”. Wash fish and rub with salt. Let the juice drip away. Cook the rice and let it cool, season with a tsp of salt to taste and mix it well.

Alternately layer Rice and Fish into the jar and press down to release any air bubbles and fill the jar to almost full, press down until it’s packed. Close the lid tightly and leave it in a dark and cold place for 8 to 10 days. You may check the buro every 3rd day and press down and let the liquid goes to the top.

On the 10th day, your buro should be sour by this time. It should have a sour smell together with the stinking goodness we love. But if it smells really odd and if has mold growing. Then it failed and you have to throw it away. Unfortunately it got contaminated with unwanted bacteria during the process. But if you made sure that everything was clean and sterilized it shouldn’t happen.

Sautee the buro with garlic, ginger and tomatoes until its fully cooked..always remember to cook it properly and make sure that EVERYTHING is clean.


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